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The Top Three Psychic Mediums Hall of Famers for All Time

No matter what field it is, may it be in sports, academics, science and technology; the best are always being recognized. The same case applies in the world of psychic readers and psychic mediums. The psychics recognize their colleagues who are extremely good in their field. The best mediums are recorded on their Hall of Fame. So far, there were three mediums who were considered expert in mediumship, and they were regarded as the Hall of Famers in the field of psychic mediumship. They were Daniel Douglas Homes, Mina Crandon, and Leonora Piper.

Daniel Douglas Homes- Daniel Douglas Homes is known as the best medium of all time. This Scottish medium is known also as the medium who can fly. This is because of his ability to levitate to a certain height from the ground. Of course, he has the ability as well to talk to the spirits from the spiritual world. Accordingly, Homes displayed his psychic abilities starting on his infanthood. Even without someone rocking his cradle, the cradle will move alone. In addition, as a child, there are several events that he foretold and came true. As a thanksgiving to his special ability, Homes mostly travelled around the world to share his gift and knowledge to other psychic mediums, and to help those who are in need.

Mina Crandon- Mina Crandon, or known as Margery by her family and friends, was known as the biggest rival of Harry Houdini. Unlike Homes who displayed his psychic ability at an early age, this psychic medium from Boston did not show any psychic ability on her childhood. Her psychic ability was only revealed one time she visited a psychic in the area. According to the psychic who had read her, a laughing man from the spiritual world was trying to contact her. This laughing man was known to be Mina’s brother who died in the year 1911. From then on, her brother’s spirit became her guide in doing psychic sessions.

Leonora Piper- Also known as the “one white crow”, Leonora Piper is married to one of America’s greatest professors and psychologists, William James of Harvard University. Accordingly, her psychic ability was only known when she accompanied her father to visit J.R. Cook, a blind clairvoyant. She passed out on the session, and she made a trance on her own and wandered and explored the spiritual world. After she passed out, she revealed a message that was known to be precise and accurate. From then on, she started to develop her psychic abilities.

There are other psychic mediums who excelled in their own field of specialization, but so far, these tree mediums are regarded as the best of all times. They did not use their psychic abilities only for a living, but they also conducted sessions in a public place for free to help those who are in extreme need who cannot afford to pay a psychic medium to help them. These three people are not only good examples to psychics, but they are inspirations as well to young psychics to strive hard and do their best.



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