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The Tarot Card Reader

Tarot card reading is an art of fortune-telling that has emerged from Medieval Europe and has survived to today. It involves the interpretation of a set of cards, chosen from a deck of seventy two – with these cards having numbers or pictures that symbolize something both positive and negative. The reader uses these drawn cards to determine parts in the person’s life that that person needs understanding of. Practiced since the time it was no longer banned as demonic magic, tarot cards have become widely popular. And with the popularity, comes rise to a new profession in today’s world: the Tarot Card Reader.

How does one go about in this profession? Most people of today are skeptics when it comes to fortune telling. But the art of the tarot card reading has been passed down since ancient time and has been revealed as a means of interpreting the divinities’ wishes that intertwine with our lives.

Firstly, a person is to select from amongst a shuffled deck of tarot cards a specific number of randomly picked cards, usually in sets of three or five. He then gives these chosen cards to the card reader who interprets these as such. Although it may seem to be very random, the orders in which the cards are selected are the key to understanding and relating the cards to that person’s dilemma. Depending on the situation or on what the person wants to know, the order may be chronologically – referring to the person’s past, present, and future – or they could be based on fields in that person’s life – such as marital life, business life, and business career.

The interpreter firstly reads them in that specific arrangement, relating the cards to the person’s field. Of course, the pictures and numbers are added to the relation. For example, if a person wanted to know about his career’s path he could draw three cards and have them interpreted; firstly drawing a pictured card that had the image of a soldier which could mean that his past career may have been dangerous or in the line of duty or involved in warfare. Secondly, he may have drawn the number five meaning that present career may be his fifth amongst other careers. Lastly, he may draw the card which has the picture of moneybags – representing that in the future he may come across great fortune in his career.

The constant threat and difficulty that any card reader has to face is the possibility of a false interpretation. He could very well mistake the moneybags for fortune when they actually mean bankruptcy. This would leave his credibility in the dirt and his connection with the divine terminated.

However, card readers have trained and practiced over the years in their profession and have helped people in determining choices for themselves, live up to a mistake, or understand an event that caused much distress. Card readers have not only helped people connect with the mystic energies around them but have also helped these people embrace life with a better perspective and understanding of some of the more difficult phenomenon thanks to some divine intervention brought about by card reading.


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