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The Sun, the Moon, and the Planets on Our Horoscopes

In school, kids our often taught about the sun as the main source of light, the moon as the source of light at night, and the planets as part of the solar system. Kids are often taught how the sun, the moon, and the planets are related with each other. But beyond this scientific theory, the sun, the moon, and the planets are very important in determining one’s true personality. These three solar system elements have something to do with our horoscopes. The horoscope of each individual is based on the alignment of the sun, the moon, and the planets on his or her birthdates. Each of these elements has corresponding meanings. They can tell a lot about who you are as a person. Listed below are the elements in our horoscopes and their meanings:

The Sun - The Sun in astrology tells about your deepest dreams or goals in life. It tells what you really want and what he or she is aiming for.

The Moon - The Moon represents a person’s emotions and feelings. It tells how you react emotionally and how you deal with your feelings.

Planet Jupiter - The planet Jupiter shows what things or events make you happy. It tells how you enjoy yourself and how you do your best to expand any knowledge that you have.

Planet Mercury - Mercury represents your self-expression. It tells exactly how you express yourself in different kind of situations.

Planet Mars - Mars tells you how you utilize your God-given gifts and abilities. It shows how you use these abilities to succeed in reaching your goals.

Planet Neptune - Neptune shows how we can help others. What we can do to help others is represented by the Planet Neptune. For example, it might tell you that you can help others by giving them pieces of advices or just being with them when they are in struggle.

Planet Pluto - Pluto is the symbol of how we nurture our knowledge and abilities. It shows the different methods on how we improve and sharpen the knowledge and talents that we have.

Planet Saturn - Your self-discipline and inner strength is shown by the planet Saturn in your horoscopes. If you are very strong as a person, the planet Saturn will tell you so. It can also tell how disciplined you are as a person.

Planet Uranus - Planet Uranus shows our originality, and creativity. For creative and artistic individuals, their ruling planet is Uranus. But it does not mean that others who are not that creative do not have Uranus on their horoscope. Uranus is still their but it is not dominant.

Planet Venus - Your relationship with other people is shown by Venus. This planet also tells how you handle your relationship with other people, and how you value your relationships.

The alignment of these astrological elements varies according to each individual’s horoscopes. All of these might be perfectly align for your brother, the Sun being misaligned for your sister, or all of them in the different positions for your horoscope. Through their alignment, an astrologist can give you the details of your personal life.


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