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The Sixth Sense

This is a movie directed by M. Night Shyamalan and it was released on August 6, 1999. The story is all about Dr. Malcolm Crowe, who was played by Bruce Willis, a child psychologist who resides in Philadelphia. He met a patient named Cole Sear, who is a nine-year old boy. At first, Dr. Crowe was unwilling to help him as the boy reminded him of a previous patient, named Vincent, shot his doctor and took his life after when all else failed. But he decided to hear and help him out because he believes that will be able to reconnect with his wife, who thinks that he loves his work more than anything else. Cole spilled his secret and turned out to be a psychic, he has the ability to see the dead. He recommended and suggested that Cole should use his special gift, as a medium, and develop a good cause like talking to the spirits that roam around and convey messages and help them with their unfinished mission on earth.

It terrifies Cole that he has special psychic abilities, but he agreed and talked to a dead girl named Kyra. He went to her funeral along with Dr. Crowe, and she revealed that she was killed by her mother by putting poison in her food. She primarily pointed out clues to Cole to reveal what her mother has done to her and they eventually saved Kyra’s sister from suffering the same death as her because she was the next target of their mother.

When Cole accepted the fact that he is psychic and he serves as a medium for the spirits around him, he finally began to fit in at school. He had accepted his psychic ability and lived with the spirits as if it was normal. He then told his mother, named Lynn, about his psychical capabilities, but she did not believe him at first. They were stuck in a jam when Cole told her that the reason behind the traffic jam ahead of them is that there was an accident and that someone died. He said that the soul was speaking to him because the dead person was right beside him. To prove more of his spiritual ability, he told his mother that his grandmother talks to him and gave the answer to the question that her mom asked her on the grave. He relayed a message from his grandmother, a normal thing that mediums do, saying that she is so proud of her. Lynn cried and ultimately believes that he has psychic abilities.

When Dr. Crowe gets home, he followed the advice of Cole saying that he should talk to his wife while she is sleeping. He sees her asleep while a video especially made during their marriage plays. While they talked, Dr. Crowe realizes that it was him who was actually murdered by Vincent and that he had already died. He is one of the spirits that Cole can see and had helped to find their purpose as deceased spirits in this world. He thought that his inability to help Vincent was rectified when he helped Cole. He redeemed himself and told is wife that he loves her more than anyone and anything in the world. His tasks and role in the afterlife was done and he is finally ready to be rest in peace and leave.


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