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The Secret to a Successful Relationship

It’s nice knowing that there are couples who stand firm and strong throughout the test of time. Seeing the old grandparents walking at the park while holding hands is enough proof that true love exists and there are also lots of successful relationships in this world, despite having a handful of failed and unsuccessful romances.


When you have met the right one for you and you are certain that it is true love that you are feeling with each other then there is no doubt that you will be able to endure, survive and sustain the troubles, issues and difficulties that you encounter every day and every year in your relationship as true love is enough to conquer all. With true love comes with great understanding, strong commitment, long patience, mutual respect and trust between the couple, these are what makes a relationship strong and invulnerable to difficulties and complications.


You have to be fully aware that producing and building a happy, devoted and an enduring relationship with a person whom you adore and love is extremely arduous and challenging to do. There are couples who get married and dream of actually being happy all throughout the marriage but after a few years they file for divorcement papers and their marriages get annulled. Some couples stay together even if they aren’t happy anymore with each other’s company, it could be because it’s easier and practical for them to stay together or it could be because of the kids, either way it’s not healthy. So the real questions is: How do couples, who are in a relationship with each other, maintain their steadiness, happiness and wonderful relationship where both of the people involved are mutually satisfied? What could be the secret to their successful relationship or marriage?


There are quite a lot of researchers who were greatly inspired and prompted to determine, discern and know interpersonal system and basis that distinguishes and presents successful relationships. Although, there are still so much to learn about building and maintaining happy relationships, here are some of the common behaviors that most couples possess in their relationship or marriage to preserve the happiness and lead their romance to success.


1. You have to practice being mindful at all times. Basically, mindfulness is the act of allowing yourself to give active attention to what is happening at the very moment. It means that when you are at home, with your partner, make sure that you give him or her the time that he or she deserves and make sure you really communicate with each other. While talking to your partner, do not be busy with something at the computer, do not constantly look at your mobile phone or do not think about something else while he or she is in front of you. Yes, it may not be easy to forget all the important things and just go and sit with your partner to have a chat but you have to do it in order to make them feel that they are important and to make your relationship stronger.


2. Strengthen and maintain your commitment everyday as this is very important in every relationship. If you suddenly decide to not be committed to your partner anymore and stopped acting sweet and dedicated then it could be the end of your romance. Commitment is more important than passion, intimacy and desire as it’s what allows the relationship to be there, it is actually your decision that gave you and permission to fall in love and stay with that special person.


3. Do not forget to be playful, lively and humorous with your significant other. Sometimes relationships are about amusement, pleasure, excitement, enjoyment and making sure that you’re having fun with your partner every now and then. Being an adult means to be focused, serious and productive to be able to provide and make money but it doesn’t hurt to enjoy yourselves every once in a while, yes?


4. Put effort into the romance like allowing yourself to be more open to your partner to discuss all the matters in life including possible problems, new opportunities and difficult situations. Talk about everything. Also, try to reassure and secure your partner how you feel about your relationship and about them and let them know how much you love and care for them.


5. Keep in mind that if something is not relevant to the growth and development of your relationship then let it go. Arguing repeatedly is not only unhealthy for your relationship but it could also be harmful to your individual mental health. Why? Because during an argument there’s a big chance that you will scream at each other, call names or say bad and hurtful words. You cannot get those back and even after your fight, you’ll still remember what your partner told you and you’ll still feel guilty about what you told them. So if it’s just a minor thing the just let it go. Is it worth it to lose your love over something so small?


6. Remember to always talk things through when you are in conflict with your partner. Whether big or small problems, issues and troubles come your way, make sure to handle it wisely and calmly. Also, allow yourself to adapt other approaches when trying to face your challenges and trials as a couple. There is not only one strategy in problem-solving, you have to adjust to the situation and improve your ways.


7. You have to show your partner how much you love them. Yes, saying “I love you” everyday is sweet but wouldn’t it be sweeter if you actually make them feel how important they are and how much you love them by actually making them feel special and loved? Why not try to relive your sweet days when you were just starting as a couple and have dinner at your favorite diner or watch a movie in the theaters? Or why not try something new to the both of you that you’re sure you’ll both enjoy doing like attending a cooking class or paying for a skiing session for two? Also, give him or her compliments all the time and shower them with sweet thoughts.

Relationships are indeed wonderful and exciting and there are times that you will feel like giving up because of the difficult situations and circumstances but just hold on and know that there is a rainbow always after the rain. Whatever it is at the end of the journey is worth seeing, endure the hardships and love your partner with all your heart and then you’ll achieve great happiness with a handful of awesome and intense experiences.


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