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The Psychic Investigator and His Tools in Solving Crimes

Like any other police investigator, a psychic investigator needs some tools in solving such crimes. If the ordinary police investigators use the modern gadgets such as cameras, camcorders, and other cool electronic gadgets, the psychic investigators do not necessarily need these gadgets to be able to solve the crime.  The investigators may need these electronic gadgets, but there are three basic tools that they are using in any case investigation that they are handling. These tools are the mind or the brain, the physical body, and an ordinary notebook.

The mind or the brain is the first tool that a psychic investigator needs. This is the most important tool that any psychic must possess. The psychic uses his brain to handle paranormal activities that are happening around the area. Thus, the mind must be strong enough to handle such kinds of paranormal activities. The mind of the psychic is being used as well to analyze the data gathered, connect them together to make a clear picture of what exactly happened, find proofs, and present a valid and accurate explanation. All of these cannot be performed alone by the modern gadgets that we have. The assistance of the brain of the psychic is needed to formulate a valid and accurate fact.

The physical body is the next tool that a psychic investigator needs to solve such crimes. No matter how powerful the brain is if the body is very weak, the psychic will not be able to fully do the investigation. Thus, both mind and body must be strong enough to do the work. The physical body must be strong enough to withstand a cold or hot temperature, and must be able to endure stress and lack of sleep along the way. In most cases, knowledge of self defense such as martial arts, and other methods are needed to be able to protect one’s self along the investigation process. Sometimes, there are parties who are trying to hinder the investigation, and they may hurt the psychic who is in charge of the investigation. Thus, self defense is needed to protect one’s self.

Lastly, an ordinary notebook is also needed by a psychic investigator in his process of solving cases. If the psychic is dealing with paranormal cases such as the involvement of ghosts, a notebook is very helpful. Ghosts are believed to have the capability to tamper electronic gadgets such as the camera. However, they cannot tamper that notes that the psychic have already noted down. Thus, the notebook is very important so that every important detail should be noted down.

A psychic investigator may also use the other modern gadgets of today such as the cameras, camcorders, and others. The mind, the body, and a notebook, are just the main tools that they must have. Of course, a flashlight is really important when doing an investigation. A cell phone is needed to contact the other members of the team or to communicate with the other people. But, the investigation will not progress without the mind or the brain, the body, and an ordinary notebook.


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