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The psychic eye

They say that most of us, the people here on Earth, has a psychic eye that we would not be able to physically see and touch but we all know that it is there.


What is a psychic eye?


A psychic eye refers to the “third eye” of a gifted person. This enables a psychic to “see” things that not everybody could see and this is what enables the psychics to get visions about the future and glimpses of the past. If you are gifted with a psychic eye, you will be allowed to see through the material and physical world and reach the spiritual world.


Does the spiritual world exist?


Yes, it does. The Spiritual world is basically the realm where spirits are settled and residing in. It coexists with the physical and material world and that is the same reason why there are constant interactions and influences between both worlds. Mediums are the gifted people who can create a connection or link with the spiritual realm. With them, the living are able to speak to the spirits of their loved ones who passed away and gather knowledge and information.


The Second Sight


The psychic eye is also known as the ‘Second Sight’ and the people who were able to activate their second sight are psychics. When psychic say that they ‘see’ you, that does not mean that they can literally and physically see you. It only mean that they see through you and already know how and what kind of person you are. When they see through you, it means that they have received an intuitive knowledge about you and they automatically know your struggles, your heart breaks, your happiness or whatever it is that you have experienced or currently experiencing in life. And not only that, as psychics have the ability to gather information and foretell the future. They may have seen something that might happen to you or might involve you in the near future.


A psychic eye’s use is to see and provide us with the information that the physical and normal eyes cannot see. Keep in mind, that if you try to develop and enhance your psychic eye, you are also practicing and developing your understanding and appreciation of a person, a place, a thing or an event. The psychic eye is beyond the physical aspect of life, but leans more towards the mental and the spiritual aspect.


How do we open our Second Sight?


Silence. To be able to retain your peace of mind and the serenity of your thoughts, you must remember to meditate in silence. Be one with nature and make sure you stay calm and absorb all the positivity.


Improve your intuition to allow yourself to receive detailed visions, good insights and higher wisdom.  Make sure you learn something new each day and never stop. Be curious. Satisfy and quench your thirst for learning more and being more knowledgeable. This will help you be more confident in yourself and in your psychic abilities than you are today. But remember to keep on having fun while exploring and learning.


Let the creativity flow out. Make sure you let your imagination run wild and free every now and then. This will keep you inspired and feeling wonderful if you do it frequently. It is important to do this because once you unleash your creativity, you also let your mind be at peace.

Keep your feet on the ground. When you are a psychic, the people around you would have to trust you in order to trust your abilities. Who would trust an overbearing and a pretentious psychic? To build relationships and allow yourself to be the best and most genuine you that you can be would make you feel good about yourself and of course, more positive and assured that you would be able to offer what the people needs.


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