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The Power of PositiveThinking

Thoughts have immense power. The function of the mind is to think, take a decision.

Your thoughts affect your emotions. Emotions can be described as energy in motion. When you think negatively, you consume electrical or electron energy which in turn produces biological waste in the form of metabolic acids. The more negative you think the more metabolic acids you produce, more than even when you are jogging, doing physical exercises, or ingesting highly acidic foods such as alcohol, animal protein or sugar. The accumulation of metabolic acids can adversely affect blood, tissues, and all other biological functions.

Over a period of time, the effect of negative thoughts and emotions on your health can be devastating. For example, they can affect your bowels and kidneys. Anger can contract the liver. It has commonly been observed that people tend to have loose motions when they are faced with an extremely adverse situation.  

Positive thoughts such as joy, optimism, hope, faith, love, charity and forgiveness, on the other hand, can have a wholesome alkalizing effect on the blood and tissues. They require much less energy to create. It has been found that you do not create metabolic acid when you are trying to get rid of thoughts during meditation.

It is said that happiness is the most effective medicine. And happiness comes only with positive thoughts. When you think positively and optimistically, you feel more energetic and active. Happiness gives you the wings to fly. It gives you a feeling of weightlessness and so that is why when a person is happy, we say he or she is on cloud nine.

So think positive, be positive and spread positive vibrations in the environment – they will come back to you in manifold.


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