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The Power of Astrology Signs

Astrology has been gaining a lot of attention from people of today's generation. This science has already been observed and studied for a long time yet already, yet until now people still continue to use as their basis in making their decision about their life, career, family, as well as in their relationships. Astrology signs have been helpful in aiding the people in their decision making about the different aspects of their lives. It is hard to imagine, but people actually depend their lives in the position of the stars in the sky.

Astrology signs could determine the kind of attitude and individual possesses. Moreover, some astrologers, with the aid of the Astrology signs, are able to find solutions and remedies to problems which pertains to the clients whether in their personal life, workplace or in the society.

There are twelve astrology signs however, till recently, the 13th of the signs have been revealed finally. The changed of these signs is brought about the changes in the rotation of the earth.

Astrology Signs or known as Zodiac Signs commonly used to depict life of an individual. Each signs has corresponding constellations and at specific days of the year and here as follows:

Capricorn (January 20- February 16)

Capricorn is the 10thastrology sign and symbolizes by a goat symbol. People who are in this zodiac are considered hard working, fearless, has high however realistic standards, conventional, gives sound advices. However, they have the tendency to believe in their way, egotistical, unforgiving and perfectionist.

Aquarius (February 16- March 11)

The zodiac Aquarius is considered to be the 11th sign. It is symbolizes by a water carrier. People who belong to this astrology sign are considered communicative, thoughtful and caring, cooperative and dependable, scientific, and independent. However, they are unwilling to share ideas, sometimes tactless and rude, voyeuristic curiosity about things and most of the time they lack confidence.

Pisces (March 11- April 18)

Pisces is the 12th zodiac sign and it is commonly depicted as the fishes. Individuals that belong to this zodiac are loving and caring, trusting, hospitable, helpful, romantic, creative and compassionate. However, they are also prone to self-pity, they are temperamental, dependent, sensationalist, depressive and at times they can lose touch with reality.

Aries (April 18- May 13)

The zodiac sign Aries is commonly represented with a ram and it is considered as the 1st zodiac sign. People who are Aries are leaders, energetic, accept challenges, believes with the best of others and takes the risk for others. But, they are also considered to be intolerant, brash, jealous, selfish and sometimes impulsive.

Taurus (May 13- June 21)

The zodiac sign Taurus is depicted as the bull and considered to be the second of the zodiacs. The people who belongs to this group exhibit calmness and patience, artistic in nature, attentive, thorough and dependable. However, they have a tendency to be stubborn, self-indulgent, materialistic and obstinate.

Gemini ( June 21- July 20)

The Twins is the third of the astrology signs. People who are classified to be in Gemini are inquisitive, enter and charming, versatile, broad minded, youthful and inventive. However, they are restless, impractical, impatient, manipulative, and gossipy and they are quickly bored.

Other signs include Cancer (July 20- August 10), Leo (August 10- September 16), Virgo (September 16- October 30), Libra (October 30- November 23), Scorpio (November 23- November 29), Ophiuchus November 29-December 17; The Thirteenth Zodiac) and Sagittarius (December 17-January 20).



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