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The Origins of Using Tarot in Predicting the Future

Everybody wants to know their future, whether it is about business, family and mostly matters of the heart. Most people turn to a psychic that uses tarot cards as a means of knowing the future of an individual. These reading can serves as a guide before making an action or decision that can affect a person in many ways. But then there are some who depended their life in tarot readings. The tarot is done by a professional psychic, but an ordinary person can learn the way of these cards and can do his or her own tarot card reading. For starters, know first the basic facts and history of tarot.

Everybody knows that a deck of cards with different drawings in full of color is known as Tarot cards but does anyone knows where it came from? Well, its name Tarot derived from the Italian word tarocchi, it is believe that it this name relates to the river of the same country, the Taro River. But still there are arguments about the real origin of its name but enough proof are needed prove these facts.

Before these decks of cards are used in knowing the future, these are used in playing games. These are cards are created during 1430 to 1450 in Italy with the number of 52 to 56 cards per deck, but the illustrations in these cards are different from what we seen today. For upper class and aristocrats of the 14th century the drawings of these cards are intricately hand painted.

Aside from being used in playing games, Tarot is also used in the field of Literature and Psychoanalysis. In literature, these cards are used for communication in gatherings or meetings by knights or member of royalty that cannot speak. They just show the card as a means of expressing themselves in front of the council. The characters in the deck are also used as a subject or personas in a stories or literature in the 16th century. For psychoanalysis, Timothy Leary suggested that the drawings in these cards represent the development of a human being from infant to adult. It also used in self-perception test where subjects choose a card from the tarot deck that identifies with him.

The usage of tarot fortune telling begins in the 18th century. The first book about Cartomancy, a term for using cards in divination or fortune telling, was written by Etteilla to serve as guide in using the tarot cards. She is also one of the founders of the Occult tarot along with other two French writers. This development marks the beginning of involvement of tarot in the world of mysticism and magic.

These are some facts that you should know about Tarot. Knowing your future can bring you fortune or bad luck but unless you take it only as a guide in your life then you can live in harmony and never forget to have faith and trust in what you believe in. 


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