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The Meaning Of Star Signs

Similar to the Chinese Zodiac, a belief system that which had each person born under a specific category live up to a set of characteristics, the presence of Star Signs has survived and flourished from its humble beginnings to the society of today. What is quite different from the Zodiac however is that Star Signs are completely focused on star formations rather than a massive range of heavenly bodies – from stars to the Sun and the Moon to meteor and comets.

These signs derive their names from the stars and as such are called star signs. However they are not simply names that one is given. They are similar to titles in a way and similar to a stereotype in another. For one, people are given the star signs at birth and it is believed that at that time the stars are aligned in such a way that you are cosmically registered to a group of people who likewise share the same sign. These people, the same as you, will have a set of defining characteristics that are unique to that star sign only. Where another sign may be friendly and talkative, your sign may be full of seriousness and goal-oriented thinking.

There are twelve star signs: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. And unlike the Chinese Zodiac, these are not all animals or representative of a material or object. Take for example Libra which has its Zodiac symbol as a balancing scale whereas Leo has it’s as a lion or Aquarius as a wave of water. These Star Signs have their own formations of groups of stars which, when connected by a trained eye, reveal the constellation that is referred to.

Each sign is unique from the other and is imposed on the person who was born under that star formation. The Star Signs do consider the fact that every person is unique, that is why most of the predictions in character only go so much as to reveal a broad and general description of that character. However, this is not broad enough as to confuse one set of characteristics from the other.  As such, some people use the aid of Star Signs to read other people’s motives, attitudes, and even their love interest. There are some people who get married simply because they believe that they are cosmically and chemically balanced as that particular pair of Star Signs. Just as much, there are people who would resign from a job after knowing that their boss is of a Star Sign contradictory to theirs in a workplace basis.

Speaking of bases, Star Signs range from different bases to cover most aspects in the person’s life. Some of these bases are the love interests, business relations, family relations, social lives, and more. Each one is specific but leaves just enough space for individual uniqueness that is within every person. These bases are the most relevant in the person’s life, which would explain the concept that Star Signs are just as important as the stars from which they got their names from.

Probably one of the most common ideas today on a worldwide and contemporary basis, Star Signs have been used to refer to people and even the way these people act and perceive the world. Its origins came from the Chinese Zodiac which makes it a separated cult in a way. But cult or not, Star Signs have changed the way people refer to their lives and the world around them and as such have helped in mankind’s quest for understanding, even at a cosmic scale.


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