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The Making of a Good Psychic Advisor

First off, what is a psychic? A psychic is a person who has an extrasensory perception and the ability to see concealed and unseen things that the normal senses could not see. They also have the ability gather and accumulate information, knowledge and messages from the spiritual realm.


Extrasensory perception is a sense that not all of us possess and it is deemed to be a supernatural ability. Psychic abilities go way back in the ancient timessj and was criticized and condemned by non-believers and skeptics. But in our generation today, psychic abilities have been welcomed and were given a chance to be accepted and recognized in the society as a lot of people go to psychics to have a reading about their futures and present state. Although, of course, there are still cynics who opt to attack and excoriate psychics as they think that they are deceitful and untrustworthy.


A psychic advisor is not different from a clairvoyant as they are able to read and provide their clients information and knowledge by sighting into their past, present and future lives. They are also being consulted with intricate and confusing life problems, struggles, complications and difficulties and they supply and impart insights and wisdom so they could take on the better and peaceful path ahead that would allow them to move forward in life and be better people.


Here are some of the most popular psychic advisors that the world has been blessed with.


He is a French seer and apothecary born on the 21st of December 1503.  Up until today, Nostradamus’ readings and prophecies are being studied and linked to present day events and occurrences.


He was born on the 18th of March 1877 and died on the 3rd of January 1945. He was a founder of the New Age Movement and his ideas and principles specifically about dream understanding and interpretation, karma, astrology, reincarnated souls and holistic medicine, influenced and shaped the development of the group. He is mostly known for his readings that centers on health-related issues and problems of his clients.


Baba Vanga’s real name is Vangelia Pandeva Dimitrova and she was born on the 31st of January 1911 in the city of Strumica, Macedonia and died on the 11th of August 1996 in Sofia, Bulgaria. She was born premature and was unhealthy as a baby that her parents didn’t name her until they were sure that she would live. She was once caught up in a storm that filed her eyes with dust and sand which caused her blindness. But when she lost her sight, she started to gain psychic abilities and then became known for it.


What are the characteristics of a psychic?


  1. Sensitive

Psychics are very sensitive people which allows them to receive and feel the energies that surround them and they can also sense emotions, feelings and thoughts.

  1. Focused on hidden perception and insights

Psychics should trust themselves that they have the ability to receive intuitive thoughts, messages, information and knowledge. They are confident that they have a connection to the psychic realm and that they would be able to offer you guidance and insights that they will interpret and elucidate.


  1. Imaginative

Psychics should be very imaginative and should let their imaginations run wild and free as this could serve a the gateway to visions, illusions, daydreams and mental images that could help you with your spiritual growth and journey. It is believed that when you imagine things, you see these things on the internal screen of your intellectual sight and this is also the same setting where psychic dreams and visions take place.



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