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The How of Psychic Meditation

For the curious, here are ways you can jumpstart your psychic meditation.

First and foremost, find a mentor. Yes, find a mentor. You may think that this is absurd when you are just meditating but you are not just doing so. You are trying to awaken your psychic ability and no one can give you a better advice that those who did psychic meditation for themselves. You can also ask a psychic for a psychic reading to get guidance and insights on this major turning point you are about to partake in. But you can do the following as a preparation beforehand. 

1. Slow down. Being in a fast-paced world is one of the reasons why you are not able to connect with your inner sense. Slow down and see the things you were not able to see when you are running like a headless chicken to and from your work every day. When you try to slow down and use your senses to feel all the things that surround you then you are one step closer in being at one with them.

2. Find a quiet place where when you close your eyes you can hear all the noises and the sounds beyond it. Find a place where you can connect with all the energies of nature and the beings and entities living in it. You do this to clear your mind with any thoughts about your life. You are cleansing your mind from all the unnecessary thoughts. This cleansing is to give way to messages and insights from the higher realm that cannot enter because your mind is very occupied.

3. Be free. Free yourself from all the negative things that you have in your life. You can imagine them written on a blackboard and in your mind you are erasing them one by one. Before you can awaken your psychic ability, you should be able to free yourself from any bondage that is obstructing you from connecting to your inner sense. You should have a good energy flow in your body.

These are only some of the things you can do to jumpstart your psychic meditation. Just be sure of your decision because being a psychic is not something to be taken lightly. It is a serious profession that will bring bigger responsibility in your life. Know and weigh your reasons carefully and thoroughly. 


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