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The future through the eyes of a psychic

Future Reading


Why would people want to have a reading regarding their future? If you think about it, it is actually kind of scary to know the things that haven’t happened just yet. Even having a tiny idea about the future makes people anxious, worried and troubled for what is about to come, especially when you cannot alter or change it.


But can psychics actually foretell the future?


Well, the answer is probably yes and no for this question. Why yes? Because psychics have a special ability that allows them to receive and gather intuitive information via their extrasensory perception. With this ability, psychics are able to see visions, images, shapes, colors, words, numbers and even get dreams that collects and shows beneficial and useful information, knowledge and messages.


And why no? Because when psychics get these information and knowledge through their extrasensory perception, they do not get clear and precise pictures in their minds. They see uncertain and inexact images and information that they would have to interpret, decipher and understand first before they relay it to anyone who is concerned.


This makes it hard for people to actually believe that psychics could see the future because they cannot.  All their abilities could give them are clues and hints as to what might happen in the future.


Can the future change?


Yes, it definitely can. Because the future is not set in stone, therefore, there is a chance that it could be altered by the person concerned. How so? By free will. When a person is determined to do something or change something, then they have the power to do so. They just have to stay focused and determined with their tasks and everything else follows.


For example, here is a scenario:


Monica is an introvert since birth and she never wants to go out of the house except when she needs to. She only goes out to attend her family members’ birthday parties, the mandatory Christmas party at work or when she needs to do the grocery or other important things, otherwise she’ll just stay at home, read a good book and do house chores. One day, she felt as if she wants to start a family of her own and have a few kids and a loving husband but the problem is, she doesn’t have a boyfriend. Monica went to a psychic reader for a psychic reading and asked if she would be able to have a family in the future. The psychic sees nothing about a family in the future because while reading Monica, she received an intuitive information that she doesn’t exactly mingle with other people and she likes staying at home having her time for herself. The psychic tells her what she saw in Monica’s future BUT advised her to go out, meet new people and make some friends as she would meet someone that is worthy of her love and is a possible husband in the future. Monica follows her advice, met new people and eventually met a guy who then became her boyfriend and married her after 5 years.


In this scenario, the psychic saw nothing in the future but then Monica decided that she wants to have a family and compromised even if she doesn’t actually love meeting new faces but for the sake of widening her circle and meeting her husband, she took it to her will to change what was seen by the psychic in her future.

Anyone has the power to do something about their future. You do not seem to like where you are going from your situation current state today? Change it. Start something new, take risks and build the future that you want for yourself, for your future family and for the people around you.


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