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The Extraordinary Life Of A Psychic

The life of a psychic is quite different from the life of a common person. It is, in fact, an extraordinary life. For us there is only one world that we live in and see around us, but for the psychic there are several worlds beyond us.

He not only lives, communicates and interacts with us; he also does the same with astral entities that live on other invisible planes. These entities are the spirits, ghosts, energies, angels, voices, sounds and much more than we can think of. A psychic, therefore, is a multi-task person. His interactions with the inhabitants of both the world goes on simultaneously.

The world of the psychic is, therefore, much larger than we know of. It is infinite. It knows no geographical dimensions. The very mention, not to speak of the sight, of the ghosts, spirits and other so-called weird beings is sufficient to frighten us, but they are the normal living beings for a psychic.

Sleeping or awake, sitting or walking, talking or silent, the psychic is always busy communicating with the incorporeal world.

His is the world where the spirits fly faster than the speed of light, where the trees can talk with rocks, where the temporal boundaries which we call present, past or the future melt with each and cannot be defined at all. His world is one infinite continuum.

Nothing is meaningless in the world of the psychic. A small fly carries messages.  Both the animate and the inanimate things are a part of one divine whole. They make it complete and give it a meaning and a mystery.

The psychic remains continually attuned to the energies around his own person and also the energies of the people who live around him. He keeps in touch with those energies so as to get the right direction and also to seek the right answers.

What we, therefore, call paranormal is quite normal for the psychic. He communicates with animals, trees, plants, earth ,sky, stars, flowers, brooks, lakes, stones, mountains, clouds, rains and of course human beings at the same level. For him death is as important as life. An injury in a car accident is as meaningful as a joy ride in it. 


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