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The Essence of Tarot Reading

Do you have questions in mind?  Are you confused with the past that happens to affect your present situation and thus making you worry for the future?  These are only some of the questions that might be boggling someone’s mind.  These questions are somehow can be answered by fortunetellers, palm readers, or tarot readers.

Tarot reading is becoming more popular nowadays not only through asking the service of a tarot card reader or reading tarot cards by yourself but also through online tarot reading or through downloading tarot reading applications into your computer or mobile phones.  All that are needed are a deck of tarot cards, knowledge about those tarot cards, and the capability of reading and interpreting through the symbols in the cards.

Tarot reading refers to the personal interpretation of the symbols in the cards.  Not all people would have the same interpretation of those images or symbols.  What make sense of using the cards is relating it to the questions to be able to come up with the necessary answers or interpretation that would be relevant to the person.  A tarot deck is composed of 78 cards and is divided into two parts namely the Minor Arcana (56 cards) that is also refers to the regular playing cards and the other part is the Major Arcana (22 cards) that has symbols or images used for divination, fortunetelling, and contemplation of the cards in order to promote valid interpretation.

Tarot reading has steps to follow.  First is to formulate a question in your mind.  Open-ended questions are more suggested because those questions are open for a wide range of possible answers.  Second is to shuffle the cards just like how you shuffle a regular deck of cards.  You may or may not cut the deck, it depends on you.  Then, the third step is to choose the spread you want.  If you are knowledgeable with how to use tarot cards, you can easily understand and choose the spread you want, if not, you can refer to books or tutorials.  Then, depending on the spread that you chose, you can now interpret the images on the cards and relate them to the question.  It all depends on the interpretation of the cards whether it is a positive or negative interpretation.

Tarot cards can be magical or powerful depending on how you use them.  These cards require full attention to be read properly.  Reading tarot cards is a combination of art and science.  It is an art because it enhances a person reading, interpreting, and psychic abilities.  It is also science because it involves step by step process in order to produce valid and reliable results or outcome.

It requires a lot of practice to have an accurate reading or interpretation of the cards.  The more you immerse yourself into the cards, the more it will have a deep connection to you and make you produce valid results of your reading.  Reading tarot cards is all about personal intuition, you just have to trust your intuitions then it will lead you to the right answers.


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