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The different psychic abilities

Psychics are people who have special abilities and are able to access the extrasensory perception where they can gather knowledge and information from the spiritual realm that does not involve the use of the five normal senses that normal people have. A psychic may be a person who reads and foretells the future, connects and communicates with the dead, has a special connection with a spirit guide, a deity or a god or goddess.

Psychics are also good counselors and advisors and they can help you and give you a fair amount of advice as to what to do with the burden in your heart or the things that confuse you. Most people think that psychics are only good at foretelling the future and reading cards but they can be good listeners and great guides because they have the ability to accumulate and congregate information from other sources other than the physical reality.

There are different psychic abilities that a psychic can possess and be blessed with. Some abilities uses tools like tarot cards, crystal balls, stones, gems and other abilities just uses their extrasensory perception or their sixth sense, as people may call it, and go on with reading a person’s aura or color without using the naked eye.

Here are some of the amazing and sensational abilities that a psychic may be practicing or polishing;

  1. Apportation

This is an ability to make an object materialize, disappear or transfer from one place to another.


  1. Astral projection

This is the ability to have the astral body travel and roam around separately from the physical body.


  1. Mental projection

This is the ability to project the spiritual plane or consciousness to the astral body by soothing the emotional process and removing the emotional perception.


  1. Aura reading

This is an ability that allows a psychic to read the energy fields that is confined around people, and places.


  1. Clairvoyance

This is also commonly referred to as the Third Eye. It comes off as subtle as just seeing numbers and symbols in your head. This is an ability that can read you and your natural force; what lies beneath and what is there to come.

  1. Clairaudience

This is an ability that allows the psychic to hear more than what the physical ears can hear. They can hear sounds, music and voices, they can also receive message from spiritual entities and deceased loved ones.


  1. Clairsentience

This is the ability to understand and assimilate emotions, feeling and physical sensations. When you have strong clairsentience abilities, you may feel when someone is lying to you and when someone is feeling unwell or sick.


  1. Claircognizance

This ability refers to knowing something without even knowing the facts and truth behind it. This is like when you feel like doing something crazy without a logical reason but you just think that: “You just know it”.


  1. Divination

This ability shows and performs occult practices to be able to gather information and knowledge.


  1. Energy medicine

These are also known as psychic healers and they are able to heal a person using their astral energy.


  1. Mediumship

This is an ability to connect and communicate with spirits, souls of the dead and other paranormal creatures such as demons and angels.


  1. Precognition

This is the most common ability as this allows the psychic to foresee the future.


  1. Psychokinesis

This is also known as telekinesis and it is a way to control objects by having extrasensory perception.


  1. Psychometry

This is the ability to gather knowledge and information by touching a person or an object.


  1. Retrocognition

In contrast to precognition, retrocognition is the ability to see what happened in the past of a person or a certain place.


  1. Telepathy

This is a rare ability to pass information or thoughts intellectually or mentally.



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