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The Difference Between Psychic Powers

There are different powers psychic abilities evident in today’s time. Psychic powers and channeling are commonly differentiated. Between each other, a person may greatly grasp the importance of the two in the divination world. A channel is said to be different than a psychic. They are the ones that do not interpret information gathered from the energy present in a person. They use the data given by the spirit through the power of their minds. With this, there are people who consider channels as psychic. However, not all psychics are channels.

There are four levels of channeling. Each level corresponds a powers psychic ability present on the people during the session.

First level: Tapping into higher consciousness

Every psychic has the ability to see through one’s higher consciousness. It is said that there are many information yet to be known in this part of our humanity. With this, it is essential to dig through this pile of information and search for the useful one. A person can greatly acquire guidance that may improve his/her current situation. Change for the better is normally done during this process.

Second level: Communication with spirit guides

Communication with spirits is a great edge of psychic readings. Powers psychic ability to communicate with spirit may provide the psychic a great deal of knowledge that is only present in the spirit world. The spirits may posses a handful of information that is highly useful for a living person in today’s time. With this, psychics may use the information gathered from one’s higher consciousness and mix it well with the pieces of information gathered through the communication with spirit guides.

Third level: Activity with the soul group

Soul group interaction invokes a great help in knowing more about the soul of the clients. Psychics can easily get the aura of a person just by looking into his/her soul. The soul is and evident and distinct part of one’s humanity. Having the ability to be compared with other people, a psychic can acquire unique information fit for the client.

Fourth level: Use of Divine Conscious Mind and guidance from God

The fourth level uses special energies and lessons of divinity. A channel that practices this powers psychic ability must achieve a connection with the divine conscious mind. Not all people are allowed to achieve the level of channeling using the divine conscious mind. This level is also called as multi-dimensional channel.

People may reach this last level through participating in a trance. A trance is a state of mind which allows the psychic to separate himself/herself with the physical body he/she is currently dealing with. People may also use God’s guidance to notice divine energies. These energies are sent using the conscious channel which handles a strong aura people has.

This hierarchy may be used in every powers psychic ability testing. Also, using this hierarchy may allow one to obtain balance and order. Anybody can practice channeling as long as he/she is determined to do so. Spiritual enlightenment must follow next. Information about job, love and future is already within reach.


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