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The Development of Psychic Powers

Even if you are fortunate enough to be born with the psychic spoon in your mouth, you will have to make conscious effort to hone and develop this ability. The psychic ability that you are born with or have inherited from your parents is only in raw and rudimentary form. It has to be strengthened, regulated and polished.

If you are just a layman and want to develop the psychic powers, you can very much succeed like a psychic who is bestowed with this gift from his/her birth. The only basic qualification needed is the will to learn, dedication and perseverance.

The first step is to adopt a certain kind of mindset which is receptive to the psychic ideas. You must be deeply aware that you already possess the psychic ability. It is lying in dormant state. You have only to wake it up.

 The next important step is to learn meditation. Meditation does not involve chanting any mantras. It is only a set of simple exercises to relax your mind and clean it of all types of negative thoughts. Meditation helps you to gain some control over your mind and give it a positive direction.

Make friends with like minded people who are interested in psychics. Join psychic clubs, discussion groups or forums.

There are certain simple and elementary psychic exercises like correctly identifying the playing cards bearing pictures, numbers or colors and so on. Or, you can sit in one room and try to read the thoughts of your friend in the adjoining room. You can yourself devise similar predictive exercises and do them with your friends or on your computer. Later on, you can try to make predictions in real life situations.  Keep a record of your performance and the success rate. Continue doing these exercises with religious regularity. These exercises are apparently as simple as morning walks, but their end result, like morning walk, is very powerful and long lasting. Psychic development is an art and like every other art such as learning music, painting or developing muscle power, requires practice, practice and practice.

 In course of time you will be simply amazed to realize that you have developed intuition, extra sensory perception, clairvoyance, psychometry and so on. 


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