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The clairvoyants explained

The clairvoyants explained


Who are the clairvoyants?


The clairvoyants are the duo/couple, Thommy Ten and Amelie van Tass, who auditioned and joined in America’s Got Talent season 11 back in 2016. They have surprised and amazed everyone, the studio audience, the judges and the viewers from home, with their remarkable and sensational magic tricks and performances.


But as their performances were deeply appreciated and loved by the audiences and the viewers, a lot f questions arises from the audience. Here are few of the questions:


Where are the clairvoyants from?

The Clairvoyants both came from the beautiful city of Vienna, Austria. They are a couple who travel the world to perform on stage and in front of many people and their goal is to be able to give a nice performance and production number. They have already presented on different kinds of shows like galas, corporate events and cruise ships. It was a great big jump for them to finally decide and join America’s Got Talent in 2016.


What do they love performing in front of many people?

Thommy Ten and Amelie van Tass love to perform magic shows and illusions in front of many people. It has been known that Amelie is a professional dancer and she graduated from the MoveOn Dance Center back in Vienna, Austria in the year 2010. She revealed that while she was enrolled in a dance course, she suddenly just found her love and passion on performing and studying about arts and illusions. With this, she claims that is is the only authentic and genuine female clairvoyant all over the world. Having set up a duo with Thommy Ten, Amelie was able to live her dream of both making the audience happy with their art and performing her passion for arts and illusions.


What did they do or perform in the auditions of America’s Got Talent?

Well, they started out with a classic trick, they asked Heidi Klum to hold out her purse or bag then Thommy asked if she could pick one, random thing inside it and Amelie will guess what it was. Amelie was on the stage, blindfolded and a few feet away from everyone else, she was confident that she will be able to guess the item. And she did. She guessed that it was a lipstick. And in addition to that, she guessed one of the audiences’ phone along with its details and everything else. The judges voted “yes” for both of them, so they proceeded to the quarterfinals, then to the semifinals, then to the finals up until the finale of the television show.


Do they have a secret magic trick that they do to be good at what they are doing?

Of course, the only person that should know if you are tricking everyone inside the room, is yourself. In their case, only the two of them would know if they are using any device to trick the audiences and the judges. And in line with the nature of their talents, some people from all over the world couldn’t help but be skeptical about their performances. You could not actually blame the non-believers if they do not believe that mind reading is real and that these two could it.

There is one theory of a fan that the clairvoyants were using a device, that is worth $200, called a Thumper to perform on America’s Got Talent. A Thumper is a device that transfers and relays Morse codes with the use of vibrations. Though he is not sure about this, he thinks that if they really are using a Thumper, they must have practiced long and hard enough as it is not noticeable and obvious.


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