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The birth of a psychic

Become a Psychic

Psychics are people who claim to have extrasensory perception and this allows them to gather and collect concealed and masked information and knowledge that could not be perceived by the normal senses, which are: sense of sight, sense of hearing, sense of taste, sense of smell and sense of touch. Psychics uses clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance, clairolfaction, clairgustance and telepathy to proceed with the gathering of the information.


It is believed that most of us have psychic abilities, although sometimes, our mind just gets too clouded and cluttered that is why we do not notice it or sometimes we just do not know what to do in order to enhance it. Yes, psychic abilities could be brought out, enhanced and developed.


How could I develop my psychic abilities?


1. Do exercises to develop your psychic abilities.

Make yourself familiar with the different kinds of psychic abilities and try to focus if you have it in you to develop that particular ability that you think you have. Meditate and focus yourself on locating and opening your third eye. Visualize that your third eye is commencing and enlarging and try to focus on what you can “see” with it. Try this while your eyes are closed.


Practice your newly founded abilities and start with small things and objects at home. For example, you can try using a used cloth whom you do not have an idea who the owner is. The point of this exercise is to gather information, through the energy of the owner of the object that you are holding, to know who he or she is and his or her background story. To do this, you have to hold the object, close your eyes, try to relax and concentrate. Try asking questions like if the object belonged to a girl or a boy, or what he or she was feeling when he or she was holding the item and basically just anything that could help you identify who it is.


Remember to always meditate to develop your skill. It is always best to have a clear and uncluttered mind when you try reading energies and receiving messages, information and knowledge about something. This will help you getting focused on your sixth sense.


2. Enhance your subconsciousness

You must find a way on how you could depend and acknowledge your intuitiveness. Basically, intuition is something that has nothing to do with logical reasoning or thinking. It is when you will just have to rely on you gut feeling and your empathic abilities to know and gather wisdom and information. Try to develop your intuition. Start by trying to tell if the person that you just met is trustworthy, if your gut tells you otherwise the follow it because chances are, it is right.


Hone your empathic ability and try tuning in to other people’s emotions, energy, feelings and sentiments. You will know when you are successful into doing so, when you can feel how other people feels as if it were your own emotions and sentiments.




3. Learn about energy fields

Star first with your own energy field. You must know that everyone in this world is being surrounded by electromagnetic fields and if you could bring yourself into seeing and understanding these fields of energy then it will be a big step for you in your psychic journey.

Focus on knowing more about chakras and how you can unblock their pathways. There are seven major chakras and these are basically opening where the energy flows within our body and at our surroundings. Aside, from chakras, you should also get yourself to learn more about auras, how you could see them and how you could read them.

Remove the negative energy within you and to your surroundings. Keep it positive and at a higher level so you are able to connect to the energies of other people. Always stay positive as being negative will do no good into your journey on honing your psychic abilities.


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