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The Basic Types of a Psychic Test

Each individual is born with a natural psychic ability. Some have strong psychic feelings, while the others are not. As you grow up, it is up to you to develop these abilities that were given. If you do not sharpen it, your sixth sense might close and you may lose the psychic abilities that were given to you. So, how old are you now? No matter what your age is, it is not yet too late to determine if you still possess a psychic ability. By using these psychic tests, you will be able to determine whether you still have the ability or you have lost it already. Basically, there are two types of the psychic test: the Zener Card and the Question and Answer types.

The Zener Card Test

The Zener card is the most well known type of a psychic test. It is commonly used by individuals who are not sure if they have or have not some psychic abilities. The Zener card can be accessed online or from a program saved on a computer. The test can be done is several ways. For example, you must choose the card that will be picked later on by the computer. If all of your picks are correct, then you are doing well. Another way to test if you have an ESP through the Zener card test is to pick the color of the wheel that will be picked later on by the computer. If you guess it all right again, then it is not already luck. You really have ESP ability. In this test, you are not supposed to pick randomly. You have to think about it. Think about the future and try to foresee it. What color or card will the computer pick later on? You have to ask this question to yourself and feel something from your heart. That way, you will succeed in this test.

The Question and Answer Test

The question and answer psychic test is very simple. The computer will be asking you several questions. The questions are from different areas. It can be a question about your lifestyle, your future, your career, or someone else’s life. This test aims to measure your ability to see the future, and not just to guess. It also aims to see your capability to feel the people and your surroundings. There are some things that cannot be seen by the naked eye and cannot be heard by the physical ear, and this test also aims you to use your third eye and your third ear to see and hear these things. If you have answered these questions correctly, then definitely, you have some psychic abilities.

It is normal if you did not get any correct answer on the first try. If you failed to pass on the first try, do it again for the second time or even third time until you will be able to waken up your sixth sense. After all, that is the main goal of the psychic test: to open your sixth sense so that you can bring out the psychic abilities in you.


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