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The Basic Tenets of Palm Psychic Readings

The art of psychic reading has practiced through the centuries, from the ancient Egyptians to the Hindus, Chinese, as well as through the medieval periods.  In medieval Italy and France, Tarot card readings became popular in the 15th century, while other forms of psychic reading such as palmistry, also rose to popularity.  Here are a few helpful facts with regard to the art of psychic palm reading.

The Traits Of Psychic Palm Readers

An individual who knows how to read a person’s palm can accurately tell a great deal about the person, or “seeker’s” personality. According to palmistry experts, a large part of our characteristics are made up of genetic or hereditary traits, which can often be seen in the lines that exist on the individual’s hands or palms.  Psychic palm readers also use their intuition or sixth sense, as well as other skills like ESP (extra sensory perception) to analyze a person’s palm. Through the use of the psychic palm reader’s intuition, he or she can have the ability to answer every question that the seeker hurls, often with surprising accuracy.

How To Do Palm Readings

Here are some basic pointers on how to do palm reading.  First the reader chooses a hand.  For women for instance, the right hand is what you are born with, while the left hand shows what you have accumulated all throughout your life.  These include all the experiences, actions and events that the person has been through. For males, the left hand indicates the person’s inherent, inborn characteristics,    while the right hand refers to the stuff you have accumulated throughout your life. However, the person can also tell the reader which hand for him or her is dominant.

Veteran psychic palm readers stress that the lines may change, disappear or grow as, and whenever their relevance and importance has diminished.  This indicates that the person’s future and destiny can change, and evolve too.  Palm reading however, should only be done for informational purposes, as it is not always extremely accurate.  



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