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The Act of Channelling

Channelling, also called mediumship, is one of the top powers that psychics use to communicate with spiritual or divine entities including the spirits of the recently dead people, spirit guides and even angels. In ‘channelling’ or ‘mediumship’, as the words indicate, the psychics act as mediums or channels of communication between the clients and the spiritual entities.

In fact, channelling or mediumship was the main trait that characterized the psychics in the olden times when they were referred to as soothsayers, fortune tellers, seers or oracles. The process of channelling involves the psychics going into a state of trance—a sleep-like state wherein the medium or the channel loses awareness of the body and acquires a spiritual form that enables them to communicate with the spirits.

The psychics use this process to seek the help of the spirits to answer the questions of the clients, resolve their problems and also foretell their future. Some of the well-known  names of the  mediums or channels are Edgar Cayce, Jane Roberts, Sylvia Browne, Daniel Dunglas Home, Nostradamus, Eusapia Palladino and John Edward, to name only a few.

In most cases, the spirits use their bodies to directly answer the questions of the clients. Strangely enough the psychic mediums remain unaware of what was happening during the trance and they even cannot recall their experiences when they ‘return’ to the normal state.

Of late, psychic channels normally do not go into the sleep-like state of trance as their famous predecessors used to do. On the other hand, they remain in an apparently wakeful state as they receive the questions of the clients, transfer them to the spirits and bring back their answers.

 John Edward, for example, takes the questions of the survivors of the recently dead people in open public sessions and answers them. The sessions are telecast live and millions of people watch them. The idea behind channelling is to connect the people with their dear departed ones who reside on the other side of this planet. 


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