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The 6th sense

The 6th sense is an inappropriate term for an additional human sense other than the five conventional senses; the sense of sight, sense of touch, sense of smell, sense of taste and sense of hearing. Another term for the sixth sense is the Extrasensory Perception. This involves the gathering of information without the use of the traditional senses mentioned above.

This ability allows the humans to perceive knowledge from the unseen world such as the spiritual realm, demons, ghosts, angels, heaven and a lot more. It allows us to understand the relationship abaft different events and situations that are beyond the intellectual capacity of the humans. An example would be when a blind person, with the sixth sense, can still ‘see’ and describe events and people despite being physically blind. This means that the blind person can feel and harvest information through a realm that cannot be seen by the naked eye.

There are five additional senses that a human can possess, apart from the traditional senses that we have. Read through the list for more information.

  1. Nociception

This is known to be the response of the sensory nervous system which allows us to know when a situation or something is harmful for a person. Nociception allows nociceptors; extreme chemical, mechanical and thermal stimulation, to create a signal that journeys down a chain of nerves through the spinal cord and to the brain. This precipitates different various behavioral responses and emotional experiences of pain. Things such as getting cut or crushed, the heat and the cold or when soap gets in your eyes may trigger the use of nociception.


  1. Equilibrioception

This is known to help the humans maintain their balance and keep us from falling oven when we are on the move or even just standing.


  1. Proprioception

This is the sense of actually putting the body parts in use by putting strength and effort to move. Proprioception is derived from the Latin word Proprius meaning individual or one’s own; and Capio meaning to grasp or to take.


  1. Thermoception

This is known to be the sense of perceiving temperature. This is when thermoceptors go through the spinal cord and on to the brain and precipitates a variety of responses throughout the body such as chills and shivering.


  1. Magnetoception

This is known to be the sense that allows us to determine magnetic fields to become aware of altitudes, directions and locations. This is related to a person’s ability to orient and navigate.

Can you develop a sixth sense?

Yes, as another realm exists around us, it is just a matter of believing in it and actually spending time to know more about it. Our sixth sense can be used and developed but it is required to be evoked or awakened by spiritual practicing and concentrating our minds. You may hear about some people actually having psychic abilities at a young age, this may be because they have been using and practicing such abilities during their past lives. Another explanation could be that they have been possessed since childhood.

While practicing and as the spiritual level arises, you will be able to gain access at a greater extent in another realm and that allows you to hone and master your sixth sense or your extrasensory perception. Although you must remember that another factor may cause it to happen, like maybe a ghost or a demon wanted to play games with you and caused you to see shadows on the aisle or the staircase just to frighten or scare you, then this does not mean that your spiritual level is increasing. It just means that whatever it is that makes you feel this phenomenon is using their own spiritual energy and is in no way related to your spiritual degree.

Does gender matter in the development of the sixth sense?

Not necessarily but women tend to be more inclined to develop their extrasensory perception than men mostly because they are naturally more intuitive and empathetic than man. They use their feelings more, thus tending to unfold and manifest their sixth sense better. One fact is that men are often more inclined to be on the intellectual side which leads them to be very rational.

Spiritual experiences involving the thinker and their capacity to think

Have you experienced a time when you felt like you have been at a certain place even if you are so sure that it is your first time to go there? Or you feel like there is a big storm coming over and there actually is? These are perceived through the sixth sense and there has not been a reason or a proof on how or why you feel these things. It is believed that there are three ways to receive information from the spiritual world;

  1. Let an entity take over you and pass on information

  2. A vision or a dream that allows you to see such catastrophic events or good-bearing news.

  3. Through your own thoughts

So how can you, an ordinary person, have access to the information for the spiritual realm? There are two ways;

  1. Develop your own sixth sense and psychic ability. Do researches, read books about spiritualism, meditate and practice.

  2. Ask a renowned psychic to contact an entity for you. This will save you more time as distinguishes psychics have already established their careers and their psychic abilities and skills would most probably be exemplary.

There are a few factors to be considered with regards to the presenting and receiving of knowledge via the sixth sense. Aside from having an increased spiritual level, here are other factors to consider:

When do we consider the misuse of the sixth sense?

It is believed that the sixth sense should be used only for spiritual growth purposes and nothing more. It means that psychics are misusing their abilities and skills when they use is for other matters like telling a person when they are settling down or what job they are going to get.



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