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What Tests Are Used To Evaluate Psychic Abilities?


Psychics are often defined as individuals who possess a much deeper, and more sensitive level of intuition or discernment. The reason why psychics are able to receive messages or visions from the supernatural, or spiritual world, is because they have the ability to dig deeper into their subconscious, and some are even assisted by spirit guides. However, not all psychics are created equal, because while some have truly proven abilities, others are plain scam artists or crooks.

While some are just too skeptical when it comes to talk about psychic phenomena, others are actually succeeding in their goals of becoming a full-pledged psychic. If you think that you exhibit the early beginnings of psychic power, you may be more than eager to know how to fully unleash it.  And while this topic remains hotly debated even up to today, because the scientific community continues to consider anything psychic as hogwash or a scam, here are a number of tests that are used by researchers to determine if the individual has credible psychic abilities. 

Psychic Ability TestsGuess The Random Number

There’s a test that’s called the Guess The Random Number quiz. And while this test is not actually based on scientific or formal academic research, it has been found to be  of great help, especially in determining if a person has ESP, or extrasensory perception. This test uses cards that are numbered from 0 to 9, and the numbers are displayed by an asterisk. And just like the famous Zener Card test, this game provides meaningful scores and findings, as soon as the individual completes the highest number of tests. 

The “Telekenesis” Test

Inspired by the common coin-tossing game, the Telekinesis test features an algorithm which “:randomly” generates one and zeroes, instead of the usual heads or tails. If a person tries to determine in advance the outcome of each coin toss, a skilled statistician or mathematician can help the person collect and compute the results, and see these from a statistical average. 

Guess The Word Test

And just like the “Guess The Random Number” test, this quiz too is not based in any concrete or formal laboratory or academic study,. And yet does wonders especially when testing a person’s remote viewing or clairvoyant abilities.

The “Sensitivity” Test

This test has been formulated to determine how sensitive a person is to different subtle perceptions and energies. It is believes that those who have  a high level of sensitivity are naturally more prone to become psychics, because they have the ability to pick up information that would normally not be detected by the five basic human senses.

The Tarot Card

The venerable tarot card has been used for centuries by gypsies, fortune tellers, oracles, seers, mediums and other psychics, to determine a person’s fortunes, as well as to help in analyzing their past and future.  The tarot is divided into two sets, 22 cards are called the Major Arcana, while 56 are referred to as the Minor Arcana.  And while each of the tarot card’s have different symbols and images, an expert tarot card user can help first-time users cut an deal the cards, as well as analyze how the spread means.

Zener Cards

Used by a popular parapsychologist named JB Rhine, Zener cards are now the norm for testing extra-sensorial abilities and skills. Some Zener card variants use a close deck of cards, with 5 groups of 5 cards each. Some variants feature an open deck, with each card randomly chosen from a deck which is shuffled at each turn.

Telekinesis Test

The telekinesis test looks just like a regular coin-tossing game, however it uses or features an algorithm which produces one and zeroes, instead of the usual heads or tails.  If the individual tries to guess or determine the outcome of a coin toss in advance, a mathematician can help collect and calculate the results, and analyze or make generalizations based from a statistical standpoint.

The Random Number Guessing Test

In the Guess The Random Number test, cards numbered from 0 to 9 are used, with the numbers displayed by an asterisk. And like Zener cards, the test is known to provide reliable and meaningful scores and findings, as soon as the person being tested finishes the highest number of tests.

The Sensitivity Test

This test to determine psychic abilities was designed to determine how sensitive an individual is to subtle energies or perceptions. The test’s creators believe that people who possess a higher level of sensitivity are more prone to becoming psychics, since they have the ability to pick up messages, visions and other information that normally, would not be perceived or detected by the regular human senses.

Guess The Right Symbol

In this test to determine psychic ability, a person is shown 5 geometrical shapes, and the individual needs to guess the shape that’s chosen by the computer system or software, and then click it. If the individual makes the right guess, then it could indicate that he or she has budding psychic powers.

If you feel that you possess some unique form of psychic ability, then it should be high time for you to harness, and use it for something good. Apart from taking any of these tests for determining your level of psychic ability, it would also be very helpful if you could get advice and coaching from a psychic mentor or guide. By working with a reliable and experienced mentor, you will not just be able to fully unleash your psychic skills, but you’d also be able to learn how to become an ethical, and truly professional psychic (regardless of whether you wish to become a tarot card reader, clairvoyant or medium).

The tests and tools mentioned earlier have different ways for determining the person’s degree of psychic ability or skill. They too however, can be utilized to help the individual unleash, and enhance their psychic skills. Just remember that these tests and quizzes will not provide you with the “ultimate” answers, however they should only seen in a subjective, and open manner.  But then again, if you truly believe you’re psychic, then you should know it, more than anyone else and below are some Psychic Phenomenon Laws which will definitely interest you.

Psychic Phenomenon Laws

Parapsychology is the field that studies psychic phenomena or the things that happen without scientific explanation to back it up. Parapsychology helps those who have questions about psychics, psychic readings, and psychic phenomena. To understand psychic phenomena better and how it can possibly happen, parapsychologists relates these events to different universal laws.
Cause and Effect- this may be the most popular and most used law in this universe. The Law of Cause and Effect states that there is always an equal reaction from every action. Based on this law, we can realize that psychic phenomena happen in respond to what was put out there. For example, when good energy is put out there by happening positive attitude then rest assured that what will come back is something good, even better.

Vibration- This law is defined by scientists as the one that relates to waves and particles. It is said that the slower the waves of energy are the more chances that they solidifies while faster waves of energy remain in their state. This definition in relation to psychic phenomena defines the energy vibrations that become physical objects and which remain as energies. It is important to know this to have inkling on how to react to psychic phenomena. Knowing this can give good insight on how psychic phenomena work and what will have greater effect here in the physical world.

Creation- This law is somehow related to the Law of Vibration but the thing is the Law of Creation materializes energy to become physical objects at command. In psychic phenomena, we can see those with psychic ability concentrate and focus their energies with the intention of creating a form. This law can give those who are curious an idea on what psychics can do that can result to different psychic phenomena.



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