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Testing Your Psychic Ability

If you feel that testing your psychic ability is already easy alone then you should take it up another notch by asking the help of your friends or even a larger group of people. This is really taking it to the next level because no one can control what another person will say or think.

First thing to do is ask your friends to think of a letter or a number or a word. You can test your psychic ability by guessing your friends’ exact thoughts. It is hard because there are thousands of possibilities. Do not be hard on yourself if you have not predicted it right the first time. Try it for at least ten times the do a statistics. Getting seven to ten correct answers means you have really awaken your psychic ability.

After this you can also try the much harder task. You can tell some information about one of your friends. Make sure that this information is something that he has not told you ever like passcodes or maybe his most embarrassing moment. There are so many possibilities in terms of the trivia you can tell. The point of this test is to know if you can really read other people’s mind. This is to know if information really comes to you by means of flashes of images or sounds or mere psychic intuition.

As abovementioned, all this tests should be done with all honesty. You should know that you will be fooling no one but yourself. This test is for you and not just a mere entertainment or magic trick. You ask the help of your friends because you are curious yourself. Test your psychic ability as many times as you want because it is also a good exercise if you really want to develop your psychic skills.


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