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Testing Psychic Ability

Are you one of those who want to awake his psychic ability? Have you done all the things that can develop it? If yes, then the next step would be to know if you were successful. Knowing if you have already developed your psychic ability can be as easy as 1-2-3. Everyday things can be proof that you already have the inner sense to see beyond. Here are some of the things you can do to test if your inner senses are already activated.

1. You can start with the simplest question. Will it rain or shine today?

Of course, you should not cheat yourself. Make sure you have not seen the weather forecast. This should not be done once because you might just be lucky. Do this for ten consecutive days and see what the result it. If you have answered 10 out of 10 then your psychic instinct is now elevated.

2.  You can also try to read a person’s thoughts.

In this exercise, you will need the help of a friend. Make your friend think of something like a word, a number, or an image. If you guess what he thinks all the time then you have activated your inner sense of sight. You can now see beyond the ordinary eyes. The possible thing that your friend can think of is endless so the chance that it is luck is out of the question if not lessens.

3. You can jot down your dreams.

Dreams are one way psychic receive messages. If your psychic ability is now activated, your dreams might mean more. Writing down your dreams will make you understand and explain them. And if your dreams really connected to your living self then most probably they are more than dreams rather messages for you to relay. Interpreting dreams may take practice but knowing that it means something is already a start.

4. Try meditating.

This exercise will go deeper. You have to be at one with yourself. Meditation is done to develop psychic ability but this time you should bring your meditation to the next step. Silence outside noises and try to use only your inner senses. Concentrate to be able to hear and see message from the higher realm. Your goal this time is to actually experience phenomena at command because if you are successful in obtaining information then there is no doubt that you are successful in activating your psychic ability.

These are just simple steps that can test if you already developed your psychic ability. If you are serious already in becoming psychic then you can opt to consult a real one. A real psychic can guide you through the things you need to do and familiarize you in being psychic. Just remember that being psychic is not all rainbows and butterflies. It may be a unique skill but comes with that is the big responsibility. Make sure you are really ready mentally and emotionally. Know that the reason in developing psychic abilities should only be for the good.


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