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Teenage Love Problems

Teenagers are still on the phase of their lives where they are experiencing some of their ‘firsts’. First love, first kiss, first dance, first embrace, first boyfriend or girlfriend whom they introduce to their parents and a lot more. Teenagers tend to have a certain, romantic and everlasting view about love. Their hearts are young, firm, intact and unbroken as they have never felt pain and misery due to heartbreaks.


Young love is probably the nicest and most exciting kind of love that all of us can experience. Why? When you are in a relationship with a boy or a girl during high school, you have this feeling of wanting to always see and cling to that special person. You want to spend every waking moment with him or her and you want to do all the things, such as watching a movie, eating out at diners, group dating with your other friends who also have their own relationship and that seems to be the best thing in the world. You get these butterflies in your stomach when you see your beau walking at the school canteen towards you and gives you a peck on the cheek before he or she sits beside you so you could have lunch together. Oh, young love.


But just like every relationship, be it with teens or adults, things could go from perfect and ideal to miserable and deficient. Teenagers are on the verge of exploring and learning how to handle the opposite sex which makes it really dangerous for them to fall in love. A combination of enthusiasm, excitement and the eagerness to know more about love and relationship could turn into issues, problems and challenges for the relationship that has been built and for the people involved.


Here are some of the issues and difficulties that teenagers might face during their teenage relationship:


1. Change. Yes, they will certainly and definitely change as they are young people who haven’t been exposed to the real world. All they know about is that they need to pass all their subjects so they could graduate and go to college. They are young, naive and inexperienced people so they tend to commit a lot of mistakes and they will clearly learn from these mistakes. Also, change is inevitable. Even adults change in the course of time. It will just be harder for the teens to cope up as they still got a long way to go in regards to understanding crucial situations and making big decisions such as which school they’ll go to college? Could they handle long distance relationships? Could they trust their boyfriend or girlfriend? Would they be able to resist the temptation of meeting and getting to know other people? It isn’t impossible to continue your relationship with each other and end up together after college. But it definitely isn’t going to be easy.


2. They will still grow. And along with this growth, comes with change and development. Whether you like it or not, the both of you are going to meet new people and you would be involved with them no matter what. They could be your classmate in one of your classes in college or a friend of a friend, and by then you can explore and know more about different kinds of people. And unfortunately, sometimes, teenagers meet other people who they think are better than their high school sweetheart and that is when the issues arise.


3. Teenage relationships happen during high school, and what does mommy and daddy always remind you? That you focus on our studies and make sure you get high grades before anything else. When teenagers fall in love, it gets hard for them to focus on anything but their crush or partner. All they will probably think of is when they will see each other again or when they could go out and watch a movie and probably make out after. Some teenagers even cut their classes just to spend time together. It is certainly going to be a serious problem if they focus on their relationship more than concentrate on their studies.


4. Teenagers tend to fall in love for someone who doesn’t or cannot love them back. This happens to most of them and it could be quite painful to learn about heartbreak at an early stage. Of course, this isn’t actually considered as ‘true’ love but for teens, that is how it probably feels like. What teenagers could do is that they should take it as an important lesson in life so they could turn the pain into something that they could benefit from.


5. Almost every teenager care about what their friends are thinking and their opinions are more important than their mothers’. When your friends say that they do not like who you are dating then you will have no choice but to dump that person even if you really really like him or her. That is how it is in high school. This could cause complications because the teenager involved doesn’t know how to make decisions for himself or herself just yet and would rather listen to what other people say.


6. Another big problem for teenagers who are in a relationship is when their parents do not agree of the relationship that they are having with a certain boy or girl. Some parents  could be strict and would rather have their kids focused on their studies and in school related activities. After all, their children are still in high school and 15 is such a young ages to be falling in love. Though of course, the teen involved would feel otherwise, they think they can handle themselves and would disobey their parents just so they could continue their romance. What parents could do is to let them be in a relationship but make sure they give them the right guidance and make them understand the things that confuses them. Just show support and everything will fall into its rightful place.


7. Teenagers are immature and childish and this will always be a big reason why the two of you will probably not end up together. You need to grow and so does your partner. After high school, the real life starts and you’ll probably just end up fighting over petty things and hurting each other emotionally if you continue on with your immature relationship. You have to let each other grow.

Teenagers are vulnerable and susceptible people. They think that they are grown ups who have the right to fall in love whenever they want and to whomever they please. And that is okay, as they need to learn on their own and experience life naturally and spontaneously. As parents, all you can do is guide them to the right path, tell them what they are doing wrong and tell them what they need to know. Parents are there to be their children’s mentors and teachers, not to be their critics and attackers. Yes, they might get hurt but who hasn’t been hurt all their lives? They will experience it eventually, so might as well be with them when the time comes.


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