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Tarot Spreads Lessons for Tarot Cards Enthusiast

When we start to think of complex things such as the subject matter it is necessary for one practitioner to study the step by step process and to learn to move around the bush and explore the topic further.  Tarot reading is not all about placing cards above tables and starting to read or interpret the meanings of each of it.  Practitioners taking into considerations tarot spreads which refers to proper positioning of tarot card in order to produce accurate reading results.

Tarot reading’s first step is to oblige the client to formulate an open-ended question of his or her desire.  Then, the client will shuffle the deck just like how regular playing cards are shuffled basically.  The client then proceeds to cut the deck into half to simulate the processes that would be done by the reader.  The next procedure would involve the different tarot spreads that the reader would have to choose one spread that he decided to use.

Tarot spreads are used by tarot readers in order to gain extra information from the cards that they are about to read or interpret.  The positions of the cards in each spread are important because each position has its own meaning that will help the reader throughout his reading process.  Some positions are about love, past, wealth, health, and the future.  Tarot spreads make use of the four elements; earth, wind, water, and fire.  The spreads also make use of the elemental dignities for his reading regarding the client’s love life, career, or relationships.

There are different tarot spreads that a tarot reader can choose from.  There are 1 and 2 card spread, 3 card, 4 card spread, 5 card spread, 6 card spread, 7 card spread, 10 card spread and 12 card spread.

The 1 and 2 card spread is not easy. The first card on top of the deck is placed on the table and will be paired with another card that is next to the top card and so on until the deck is divided in half.   It requires Elemental dignities.  The three card spread is used for quick reading.  The three cards represent the Modifier (Thesis), Principal (Synthesis), and Modifier (Antithesis).  The center card which is the principal is the subject of the reading while the other two on the side will be the elemental dignities.  The four card spread symbolizes the four elements which are the earth, wind, fire, and water.  Earth as the first card refers to money, good, other practical matters.  The next would be the Air which pertains to quarreling, trouble, loss, and scandal.  Water refers to love and pleasure while Fire is about work, career in life, and business.

The five card spread is harder and more complex compared to the first four kinds of spreads.  It is like an extension of the first four spreads and mixed them all to produce the five card spread.

The other tarot spreads lessons can be studied from a book that is all about tarot cards and tarot reading.  Continuous practice will make sense to be an accurate tarot card reader.


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