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Tarot spreads and when to use them

What are Tarot Cards?


Tarot cards usually comes in a pack and is used for divination practices and purposes which we all call as Taromancy and it is a subsection of the divination with the use of card in general which is Cartomancy. It was originally made as playing cards in different parts of Europe during the 1500s but was later on converted and transformed so people could use it for divination in the 1800s.


Tarot cards are used by psychics to foretell the future, get something like an information from the past of a person, calculate and quantify possible results and conclusion and assess and estimate influences and guidance that surrounds a person.


What is a Tarot Spread?


A tarot spread is the presentation and alignment of cards that are being dealt in a tarot card reading. Every position and placement of the cards in a spread corresponds to dissimilar and conflicting aspects depending on the question that is being asked.


There are a lot of tarot spreads that psychics use to provide their clients a beneficial and advantageous reading. Here are the most common tarot spread and when to use them:


  1. The True Love Spread

Well, what can we do? This is unsurprisingly the most common and frequently used tarot spread during tarot card readings. Are you curious as to why? Probably because a lot of people go to psychics for a love reading, asking how and when they will meet their soulmates, or if their ex-lover will go back to them. This spread is very effective and practical if you want to know a lot of knowledge and information regarding your emotional, physical, spiritual and mental aspect in life and regarding the connection and romantic relationship with you and your current partner.

1     2

      3    4      5



1 – Your current emotions and feelings toward your current partner and how you are seeing the relationship

2 – Depicts and says more about your partner, his or her emotions, his or her character and attitude and his or her expectations and presumption about your relationship

3 – Common characteristics and traits of your and your partner that keeps you connected

4 – The strength, resilience and backbone of your relationship and what keeps you together

5 – The weakness, frailty and deficiencies of your relationship and what might harm your connection

6 – This is called as the true love card. It usually states what needs to be focused on in a relationship and if the relationship is going to be fortunate and prosperous and what to do if problems arise.

  1. The Success Spread

This is usually used when you are being tormented and strained by a difficulty, a complication or trials and you have no idea how you will face and give resolution to it. It is believed that this spread will enable you to understand and comprehend your problems better and it will also help you identify and determine your skills and advantages to overcome and conquer your obstacles and complications.



2   1   3



1 – Expresses your crucial and utmost problems, concerns and worries

2 – Expresses about your other problems and obstacles

3 – Will tell you about the concealed factors and components of the problem that is currently affecting your condition and position

4 – Will suggest fresh and new suggestions, ideas, and proposals that could help you grow and be a better person

5 – Will tell you about the things that you should be doing and provides you great insights that could inspire you to be successful and will also tell you about things that will help you stay away from failure, disappointments and frustrations in life

If you go and research the internet you will find websites that offers free tarot card readings that allows you to choose 5 to 10 cards, depending on the spread, and give you an automated reading.


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