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Tarot Readings on Financial Matters

With the recent recession still hovering cloud of uncertainty over our heads,  more and more people are searching for answers to their current, as well as future economic standing. One of the best tools for forecasting financial fortunes is the tarot card.  A tarot reading can actually be a guide to understanding your relationship to money. A tarot card reading can also help reflect your current financial standing, as well as determine how money is influencing your well-being.  Although there are a lot of helpful resources available that pertain to traditional tarot card meanings and references, only a few have been written with regard to predicting finances and money matters. Here are a number of helpful hints on how to do tarot readings on money and finance.


Understanding The Tarot Can Be a Tough Task

Understanding, as well as interpreting tarot cards can, in itself, be a very challenging process.  Analyzing the most basic tarot card readings can in fact take a lot of time and energy, and applying the tarot readings to financial matters only makes things much tougher.  For first-time tarot users, what's important is that the person needs to remember that every card in the tarot deck  can be associated with issues and concerns surrounding one's finances.  Tarot experts stress that the Major Arcana cards are the most powerful when it comes to foretelling your financial fortunes.


How Tarot Spreads Can Relate To Financial Matters

There are actually a number of tarot spreads that can be used to forecast a person's financial fortunes.  And depending on which tarot spread you choose to use, you can actually reveal a lot of details with regard to finances.  A tarot reading can help you determine your core beliefs about money, your current financial condition and what is influencing it, your spiritual relationship to money, actions that need to be taken in order to improve your financial standing, and the hidden influences that may affect your financial situation.


The Major Arcana & Its Relation To Money and Finance

Most of the individuals who are well-versed in tarot readings often associate the  Major Arcana's Suit of Pentacles to financial matters. By determining, as well as learning, the keywords associated with each card in the Suit of Pentacles, the person will be guided accordingly with regard to money matters.  Here are a few keywords that are reflective of  the Major Arcana's association with finance.


The Fool:  Become creative and dynamic; take financial risks; new financial opportunities, enthusiasm.


The Empress:  Productivity; abundance and financial prosperity; a period of financial growth ;developing new projects.


The Magician:  Use your skills to make things happen; getting into action; the need to listen and learn, the need to wait and see before action is taken; the need for financial analysis.


The High Priestess:  Use your intuition to make financial choices; the need to listen and learn; the need for financial analysis.  


The Lovers:  New partnerships and alliances; team work and group effort; networking; important affiliations.  

The Hierophant:  Setting new standards; following the rules; working on marketing materials; improved administrative efforts.


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