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Tarot Readings For Young Adults

Tarot cards have been in existence for hundreds of years already.  They have been used by kings and queens for predicting any political upheavals and issues within the royal court.  The members of the early Christian church were also noted to have used tarot-like cards, wherein they designed images of saints and wrote biblical scriptures on them.  The gypsies of medieval Europe also used tarot decks in foretelling disasters, major conflicts and personal fortunes.  Tarot cards though can also be used for providing readings for both young adults, as well as middle-aged people and the elderly. Here's how to do a tarot reading for young adults.


The Significance of The Major Arcana Cards

The single-digit Major Arcana cards can also help in a first-time tarot user's reading activity.  The 1st major card of the Major Arcana with two digits is the 10, the Wheel of Fortune.  The Wheel of Fortune represents the card of transition, as we all know that every person is on a transition phase from childhood to adulthood. The Death or Devil card though can be skipped, as these may not be appropriate for young adults, as images like graves (Judgment) and other symbols of morbidity can be quite offensive.  


Tarot Readings For Beginners May Consist of Only A Few Cards

A tarot deck can read a person's energy, as well as respond to it.  The card can work for your friends, relatives, lovers and even pets.  In doing a tarot reading for young adults, the deck should be shuffled using only a few cards.  A recommended tarot reading session may  draw cards from Zero (The Fool), through 9 (The Hermit) and all of the 16 count cards (four each of Knights, Queens, Kings and Pages).


Beginner Tarot Readings Should Be Concise and Simple

A tarot reading should be a simplified process, especially for beginners.  Instead of doing an elaborate Tree of Life spread, the tarot reader should simply do a simple three-card reading first.  The first card depicts the Present, the second card to the left represents the Foundation of the matter, and the third card on the right depicts Possibilities. This reading format is the same as doing three-card, past-present-future tarot type of readings.  This is actually meant to assist the young adult or teenager  in understanding and explaining his or her world.  The reading however will place less emphasis on predicting a specific outcome, or analyzing the past.


How To Interpret Each Card

The interpretations of each tarot card should speak to the current mindset of the young adult, and allow him or her to embrace the possibilities that the tarot's energy offers with the three -card reading. Doing at least one reading per month will help to filter or water down the tarot's impact on the young adult's  psyche or development. Here are a few examples of how to interpret the cards, in the context of a young adult's current mindset:


The High Priestess:  Being more experienced than other children.

The Magician: Get all your household and school chores down.

The Emperor:  Older people, classmates with experience and status.

The Lovers:  Your favorite movie or book character, your best friend.

The Chariot: Competing with siblings or classmates, sports, excelling at new challenges.

The Hierophant:  School, the older authority figures in the external world outside of family.



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