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Tarot Card Reading Tips For Beginners

The Tarot card is considered as one of history’s most popularly-used divination tools. And while some people still continue to associate these cards with the occult, or evil, the tarots are generally used today for both divination, spell work and even for research and artistic purposes. The cards continue to be studied  by lots of people, including  academics and psychic researcher. Let’s take a brief look at a number of helpful ideas on how beginners should read the tarot cards.   

Understanding The Tarot Takes A Lot Of Time And Practice

Although anyone  can learn and master using the tarot, it will definitely require a lot of time and practice. The first step would be to buy or a deck of cards (preferably brand-new), as well as buy a guide book which lists and explains the meanings of each of the cards. For beginners, it’s recommended that you purchase the Rider-Waite card, because it is considered the most well-known of all the decks ever produced.

Laying-Out The CardsTarot Spread for Beginners

After purchasing a new deck of tarot cards, it’s now time to open the deck, and individually lay out the cards. Remember that a conventional tarot deck consists of 78 cards, 56 of which are called the minor Arcana, and 22 are called the major Arcana. Among the two sets of cards, the major Arcana are believed to carry more weight, and they have more influence over the rest of the cards. It would be helpful if you look over each of the cards, and familiarize yourself with the images and meanings. Get a pen and notebook, and write down the meaning of each card (for quick reference).

Practice Simple Spreads

After analyzing, and determining the meaning of each of the cards, it’s now time for you to practice doing a few simple tarot spreads. Refer to tarot guide books and courses online to find what Tarot spreads are commonly used today. Veteran tarot users however suggest that you learn what’s called the basic three-card spread. To do this, first shuffle the cards, and determine the question or concern that you want to ask or find out. Next, tap the cards (at least 3 times) using your fingertips, and then divide the card into three equal piles. Next, turn the top card over for each pile. This three-card spread will represent the Past, Present and Future.  The first card will relate to concerns or issues in the past, while the 2nd card will relate to present issues and concerns. The 3rd card will relate to future problems, issues or solutions that may occur in your outcome.

Make sure you buy a brand-new card, and not just borrow one. The reason for this (according to long-time tarot users) is that if you just borrow someone else’s cards, it may not “work well” with you, because it does not have your energy or aura. If you get a brand-new card, you will have the time to work with it, and establish a bond or attachment with it too, to enable it to be truly effective.  Also make sure to practice doing simple readings first. Take your time, and do not be afraid or shy to ask the experts any questions, especially if things start to get confusing or unclear.  And when handling and storing the cards, make sure you wipe it with a clean cloth, and place it in a sunny window for a day, and lay it in a dark fabric bag, when you’re not using it. This should help to release or evict any negative energy that may be stored in them.



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