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Tarot Cards: Reflection of the Future and One's Self

If you are given the chance to know what the future holds for you, will you take it?

People are constantly drawn to many fortune telling activities that serves as their guide for decision making. Some even hire personal card and palm readers to seek for guidance whenever they are about to make crucial decisions. Some are drawn simply by the entertainment of knowing the future. But there’s more to fortune telling than reading stars and palm patterns to get a view of many possibilities.

The most popular form of fortune telling is probably tarot card reading. Cards tarot reading typically begins by asking questions as the fortune teller shuffles the card deck. The cards are laid down on the table following the pattern they call the spread. The pattern of the spread varies depending on the type of questions asked. Layouts are different for love, relationship, money, and other kinds of readings. The most common spread is the Celtic cross which is used for general questions. The person who seeks answer then chooses cards and the fortune teller interprets them.

The magic of the cards tarot reader works by connecting the symbolisms in the card and your subconscious in order to answer your questions. Tarot cards, then, do not merely tell the future. According to the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, the answers you seek is from the most powerful sources of information within you. Tarot cards only aids in reconnecting one’s higher self.

There are two types of cards tarot readings -- one that asks questions and one that reads your wishes and desires for the future.

Question reading involves asking the cards a specific question. Since the reading can serve as an important guide for the future, questions should be properly asked.

One should keep an open mind, free of any hesitations and doubts. When you have your answer even before you ask the question to the cards, then you are not allowing the tarot to lead you. The questions should be simple and specific. Queries should also be focused and not cramped up with details. For example, instead of asking ways on how to avoid chaotic lifestyles, one should ask ways on how to balance schedules.

Mediation helps in achieving the best answers from cards tarot.  Staying neutral and open to other points of view should be accomplished especially when asking a personal question. One should also keep a positive state of mind in order for him to ask a positive question. Asking how to deal with problems is more favourable than asking why you have those problems.

Open readings, on the other hand, do not involve asking questions. Rather, they focus on the larger aspects of life. Open cards tarot readings are especially useful when one is entering a new phase of life. This reading gives more information about the future and possibilities, than question readings.

Then again, people should not depend on tarot cards alone for their future. The magic is within ourselves.


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