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Tarot Cards and What You Should Considering in Buying Them

What are Tarot Cards?


Basically, Tarot cards are a deck of cards that has symbols, pictures, numbers and words that are printed and drawn on them. The cards should be able to presume and sense something regarding a person’s past, present and future. Most psychic readers use the deck of tarot cards to gather and perceive intellect, knowledge and information about their clients to provide clarity, insights, advices and important information that they could use in their present or daily activities for the betterment and improvement of their future lives. Tarot cards are also used for guidance and counseling for a person who seeks enlightenment and the right direction or path to achieve success and happiness in life.


All throughout the history of fortune telling, tarot cards are known to be full of mysteries, uncertainty and fascination about the origin of the cards and its original purpose. Nowadays, tarot cards are used for spiritual readings, foretelling the future and divination.


The words, images and symbols printed on the tarot cards mean something and it could tell a story about a certain person who seeks for guidance and advices. The tarot cards act as if it was a book written for the person, telling them knowledge about their past and useful information about their future. Every card drawn from the deck is connected to each other thus creating a valuable and advantageous story to the sitter. The interpretation of each card that has been drawn depends on the tarot card reader as to how they will understand and give meaning to the chosen cards before they relay the message to the person having the reading.


What is a spread?


A spread is the presentation and the order of the cards that are being dealt with in a tarot card reading. Every position in a spread corresponds and relates to an aspect in a person’s life thus giving an explanation as to why something happened or why and how a future occurrence is going to happen to the person.


What are the Major and Minor Arcanas for?


In a tarot deck, there are two types of cards and these are the major arcana and the minor arcana.


The Minor arcana are cards that are comparable and equivalent to a regular deck of playing cards, with four suits; the swords, the wands, the coins and the cups, and each suit are numbered from one up to ten and face cards, which are the page,  the knight, the king and the queen.


The Major arcana are independent and solo cards that possess their own distinct and special meanings and explanation. These are the Magician, the High Priestess, the Empress, the Emperor, the Hierophant, the Lovers, the Chariot, Strength, the Hermit, Wheel of Fortune, Justice, the Hanged Man, Death, Temperance, the Devil, the Tower, the Star, the Moon, the Sun, Judgment, the World and the Fool.


Should you buy your own tarot cards?


Yes, of course. If you feel like you have an intuitive gift and would like to learn how to read tarot cards and know more about it then by all means, go and buy your own tarot deck. When buying your own deck, go and feel all the boxes of tarot cards and go with what feels right the most for you. Go with what you gut feeling is telling you and stick to the deck that feels like home.


When buying your first ever tarot deck, you should consider:


1. The theme of the deck. It could be Egyptian, Greek or Pagan and it could also be Fairy Tale like.

2. The pictures or the paint on the cards. Make sure that you see the images clearly and it makes sense to you. It will only make things hard if you cannot understand and do not know what is drawn in the card. Choose the easiest to interpret.



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