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Tarot cards and and how they're utilized

Tarot card readers would use a tarot deck to collect and muster up knowledge and information regarding your past, present and future. They also use the same deck to respond to the questions of their clients and supply and furnish great guidance and insights. Cartomancy is the power to foretell the future with playing cards. Taromancy is another term used for tarot card reading and is a division of Cartomancy.

Tarot cards are utilized and made for tarot card readings conducted and accomplished by psychics and card readers. The justification and basis of tarot card reading is to be able to link and affix the person to his or her higher self. It not just about foretelling the future or one’s fortune, relatively it unlatches quite a few more choices or alternatives for one’s first hand and empirical issues and therefore this reading would make them more enlightened and well-informed when it is time for them to make a finite and irrefutable choice that could make or break their life. However, it still depends on the person if he or she will trust and accept what the cards are disclosing. The reading could only make them think better and make better choices as a reading could only be done by gifted psychics with paranormal abilities.

In a full 78-card deck of tarot cards, there are two parts:

  1. Major arcana

The major arcana consist of 22 trump cards, and each card has a meaning behind it when shown on a spread while on a reading. Here are the 22 cards in order and what they might actually mean.

a. The Magician – capabilities, dreams

b. The High Priestess – intuition,

c. The Empress – gentle power

d. The Emperor – spiritual knowledge

e. The Hierophant – spiritual authority

f. The Lovers – intense affection, mutual attraction

g. The Chariot – triumph, success

h. Strength – a hero

i. The Hermit – solitude and misfortune but great knowledge, lessons and rewards

j. Wheel of Fortune – chance

k. Justice – truth

l. The Hanged Man – personal sacrifice

m. Death – death, loss

n. Temperance – patience

o. The Devil – nemesis, dependencies

p. The Tower – destruction, failure

q. The Star – hope, faith, contemplation

r. The Moon – hope, fulfillment

s. The Sun - triumph

t. Judgment – enlightenment, results

u. The World – success, opportunities

v. The Fool – carelessness, innocence


  1. Minor arcana

There are 56 cards in a deck that is built in with 4 suits with 14 cards each suit.

a. Wands – suit of risk taking and enterprise; drive, desire, ambition

i. Ace –desired goal

ii.  Two – battle between optimism and pessimism

iii. Three – balance towards optimism

iv. Four – successful teamwork

v. Five – struggles possibly because of a competition or ambitious control

vi. Six – acknowledgement for efforts

vii. Seven – success for own will

viii. Eight – unfolding events

ix. Nine – timeout

x. Ten – 100 percent effort, commitment

xi. Page – independence, innovator

xii. Knight – fire-starter

xiii. Queen – inspires everybody

xiv. King – charismatic, ambitious, craves for adventures, a leader


b. Cups – suit of emotional aspects, love, feelings, fantasy

i. Ace – a source of comfort for the mind, body, soul and heart

ii. Two – mutual effect of genuine love

iii. Three – mutual support, agreement, encouragement, teamwork

iv. Four – yearning for change

v. Five – mess of an emotional war, abuse or broken relationships

vi. Six – willingness to learn and optimism

vii. Seven – dreams, imaginations, visions

viii. Eight – betrayal, broken heart, disappointment, emotional outrage

ix. Nine – happiness, victory

x. Ten – love and support for everyone

xi. Page – idealistic, tender, emotional

xii. Knight – a return of genuine love

xiii. Queen – sensitive, vulnerability, unconditional love

xiv. King – passion, commitment, strength, intense


c. Swords – suit of the rational mind and thinking

i. Ace – guidance, change of fortune and clear mind

ii. Two – clashing visions and ideas

iii. Three – separation, breakup with a partner

iv. Four – a timeout

v. Five – cleanup after a conflict

vi. Six – rely on facts and theories

vii. Seven – prepare the mind with imaginations, visualize results

viii. Eight – hardships

ix. Nine – loss, pride, damaged heart or soul

x. Ten – the end of something

xi. Page – a diplomat, sensitivity in hard situations

xii. Knight – restless mind, thorough thinking

xiii. Queen – independence, intelligence, high standards, subtle or no sensitivities, hard to please, critical

xiv. King – wise, mediator, cool, detached


d. Coins – suit for wealth or potential

i. Ace – good harvest

ii. Two – patience, calmness

iii. Three – collective pride, creativity

iv. Four – pressure to decide on big decisions and responsibilities, insecurity

v. Five – desire and gratitude, broken promises

vi. Six – false generosity, inequality

vii. Seven – faith, perseverance, dedication

viii. Eight – success, workaholic, pride

ix. Nine – financially secure, comfort

x. Ten – abundance from hard work and effort, self-respect, gratitude, freedom

xi. Page – abundance

xii. Knight – fertility and growth

xiii. Queen – encourage, empower, educating, healing other people

xiv. King – accomplished, respect



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