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Tarot Card Reading -- How To Interpret Reversed Cards

There are lots of divination tools available today, however none are as mysterious and endearing as the tarot card.  The tarot is not designed to indicate physical strength, but rather the inner strength that each one of us have inside.  The strength that a tarot card indicates can be  a mix of primal and higher, intellectual strength.  However, what if you notice any reversed cards, what are you going to do?  Here are a number of facts on how to interpret reversed tarot cards.

Can Reversed Cards Muddle A Tarot Interpretation?  

Veteran tarot card readers stress that there are different opinions and views on how to read or interpret reversed tarot cards.  However, some of the suggested methods may be unhelpful, because they're not practical, and may eventually muddle the whole process. Let's say for example you interpret a reversed card by just reversing the upright meaning, you will most likely get an inaccurate interpretation.  You should instead see reversed cards as  another way for grouping the other cards.   


How To Use Reversed Tarot Cards

Interpreting a tarot spread is just like reading a good book or watching a movie with lots of twists and sub-plots.  Whenever you see a reversed card, find out what story or angle it is telling you, or leading you to.  Books and movies have a main plot, but to the keen observer, the sub-plots also are important aspects, which will offer additional information and details as the story progresses. Reversed cards could indicate the sub-plot of the main story within the seeker's life.  For example if you're doing a relationship reading, look at the main plot of the reading first, before checking out the reversed pieces .  Reversed cards can also help the seeker explore or find any blocks or resistance to their plans or goals.


Apply  “Opposite Reinterpretation”

Traditional tarot spread readers will often argue that reversed cards must always be read as the opposite of what an upright card means.  They stress that a bad card would always be considered a good one when reversed.  However, some do not agree with this logic.  The naysayers counter that, what if you get the Death card, would the opposite be life? Non-conventional card readers say that with using the traditional method, you often find that reversals often make no sense at all in the context of reading. What you need to do instead when faced with a reversed card, is to do an opposite reinterpretation.  For instance, if the deck was upright prior to shuffle, and the card gets inverted during the shuffling process, it would be better to regard the card as “ill dignified”, and should not be interpreted as the opposite.  


Every tarot card can actually be reinterpreted using different criteria, depending on the information you're looking for, as often as you like.  Reversed cards therefore, should instead be used to add greater depth and substance to a tarot reading session, and not muddle the facts.





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