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Tarot - An Overview and your Life with Cards

Is it over? Are you willing to let it go or fight for someone you love? Are you willing to take another job? Are you going to have luck?  Everyone has questions in mind, questions that need answers. Yet, simple questions are hard to find answers. Is there a way? Yes, tarot cards may have some clarifications that are clouding in your mind.

Tarot is an English and French word. Derivation of this word is unknown though others believed that it relates to Taro River (Northern Italy) while there’s also a version that it came from Arabic word meaning turuq which means pathways. Wherever it came from, one thing for sure, tarot is used to change one’s life nowadays through the meaning of its cards.

Tarot in earlier era is meant for pleasure only. In history, it was late 14th century when games using cards was introduced in Europe. Decks included were (quite similar to) Swords, Staves, Cups and Coins. Added cards soon came out and called trumps. The divination using card is discovered in Giacomo Casanova’s mistress’ diary. She used the decks for divination.

Pictures on the early decks are Greek gods’ images (16 cards known as trumps). Added packs are written, heroes (Rome, Greece and Babylonia), ideas and poems. This game card continues to gain its popularity until 1450 marked its importance. Production of Tarot cards became easier as well as increase in number when the printing press came to picture.

The practice in associating tarot in rituals through signs or some supernatural forces that a normal person can’t adept begun in the 17th century. It opens the door to divination when Antoine Court de Gebelin (Swiss clergyman) gave meaning to Tarot as “royal road to wisdom”. He also pointed out that divination using cards are first practiced by the Ancient Egyptians. Though in further research, nothing will support Gebelin’s statements.

Styles and designs of tarot cards existed. Tarot de Marseilles is popularly known. Others are Swiss and Minchiate (deck of 96 cards).

Cards in modern era are a pack of 78 cards with four suits. With those inherited practice and beliefs, making way to give meaning and associate it to our lives.Cards have now meanings that are widely used to help those people who seek help. It is a way to let them understand unexplainable things on earth. Though some may raise their eyebrows on why there are people who depend on cards to clarify things, still the popularity increase and still widely use.

Who wants an answer? Who wants to know things about the past, present and future?  You want to unveil your future, right? Have it a try to ask those cards. Signs may help you to know where to go and what to do. You can try your luck even online. There are friendly websites that offer the best for you. The mystery of cards remains as it is. One thing for sure, the meaning underlying it is still being followed by many people and serves as a way to find their own happiness and luck in life.


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