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Studying Astrology on Your Own

If you think astrology is as simple as the conventional sun-sign horoscope that you see on the magazines or daily newspapers, think again.  Well, they are actually part of the art of astrology, but they're not just limited to simple sun signs. The truth is that astrology is a quite mysterious and complicated analytical system, which has something to do with dates, times and the alignment of planets in our solar system. It's actually one of the oldest forms of science known to man, and believe it or not, a whopping 75 percent of the globe's top corporations use it when they make crucial business decisions. Here's a brief look at how a psychic astrologer works. 

Are Psychics And Astrologers The Same?

There has been a lot of debate on whether psychics can be astrologer, or whether astrologers can be psychics. For some, astrology is more of a "science" or something with relates to planetary alignment, because if the planets move in some direction, then perhaps things can change in the person's fortunes. Psychics however are defined by some as gifted individuals who can see or sense what is going on in the past, present and future. Well, the truth is that both branches are actually intertwined. Therefore, a psychic can actually become an astrologer, and the astrologer can become psychic too.   

What Does A Psychic Astrologer Do?

Apsychic astrologer uses a horoscope, which is a chart which tracks the location of the sun, moon and the planets, and this chart is based on the date, time and location of the person's birth. As soon as the astrologer has fully examined the horoscope, he or she will now be able to make an interpretation based on what they know about the individual, or the subject.  The astrologer also moves the planets "forward" in time, to the present or some other significant date, and compares these placements to the individual's birth chart.

What Are The Benefits Of A Psychic Astrology Reading?

A psychic astrology reading is perhaps great for getting an idea of the "big picture", especially of what you wish to happen in your life, and in determining the patterns that may be forming in different areas of your life. A psychic astrology reading could also help you ponder on what major steps to take, whether you wish to get married or start a business, etc. The reading can also give you a projected outcome of where your future is headed to, although nothing is truly cut in stone, and you are still the master of your own destiny.

Astrology is a very interesting topic. Through this, you will discover things that are beyond the measure of science. To learn this concept, you do not need to attend a professional and formal school. Actually, you can learn it on your own. If you are a fast-learner, you can be familiar with the details in just a couple of weeks only. All you need is some patience, and you can learn the astrological concepts on your own.

The first thing that you need for this learning procedure is your birth certificate. Natal Chart Astrology

You need this document so that you will be able to know the exact time and date or your birth date. Without knowing the exact time, you will not be able to know your Sun sign. You should also avail your own natal chart. You can learn your own life story with the help of this natal chart. Also, you will get to know more yourself with the help of this chart.

The next thing that you should do is to buy books that are related to astrology.

Start reading books that concerns the basic astrological concepts. Make sure that you understand every detail of it. That way, when you level up, you will be able to understand the other topics that will be discussed. You can find these books from a psychic store and from the bookstore as well. If you want a more convenient way of purchasing, you can do it online. It will save you some time and effort. Aside from the books, research other details that are related to astrology. There are some details of information that cannot be found on the books. Make use of the library and the internet too. There are plenty of good articles that can be found on the web. Those articles will be a helpful tool to your learning process.

You can also join a group of astrologers.

Sometimes, this group are having activities that will be helpful for you to understand astrology better. The group members are willing also to help each other, so if ever you have questions, you can freely ask them. If they have some sessions together, join them and you might be able to learn something from them. You can also attend some instructional classes so that you can learn more. There are rare classes about this topic, so, you might need the help of other people to inform you if there are any classes available.

Finally, try to attend an astrology convention.

Even if you are not very familiar with this topic yet, you should try going to a convention. You will meet great astrologers there that may be willing to help you in your learning process. You will discover new things in there as well. There are several things that you can learn in a convention, so you must attend one. Aside from getting to know other people, you will learn several things, and you will have this once in a lifetime experience of attending a convention. You can also invite your friends if they are interested.

Chossing a Psychic Astrologer for Yourself

When choosing a psychic astrologer, always make sure you do your homework first. Make sure you look out for signs of a professional psychic -  credible endorsements and feedback from customers, a solid money-back guarantee, a certification or proof of good  psychic development training, and more. And while you could be basing your life decisions on what the psychic says, always make sure you do not easily pick up what comes along, and instead carefully analyze what his or her readings and interpretations are. And lastly, don't just choose a psychic astrologer who offers you the best, most affordable price.



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