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How to Be Psychic - Steps on Pendulum Reading

One of the methods used by the psychic on their reading sessions is the pendulum reading. The process on how to be psychic involves the process on how to strengthen your natural psychic abilities. One way to train your psychic abilities is through the pendulum reading method. The pendulum reading makes use of a pendulum in determining the answer to the question. Usually, the questions asked on the pendulum reading are answerable only by yes or no. To make the pendulum work, the psychic reader must be bonded to it. To practice with the pendulum method, here are the steps in using the pendulum.

Pendulum Psychic ReadingPrepare your materials and make your own pendulum.

here are some specialty stores that are selling pendulum. You can visit them and buy one. You can also make your own pendulum. All you need to have is something with weight. It can be a block of wood, glass, or silicon. Prepare a flexible string and tie the weighted item with the string. Tie the pendulum on a pole or something high so that the weighted material will not be touching the floor or the ground.

To have a successful pendulum reading, you have to fully relax yourself.

Relaxing is part of the how to be psychic process so you must already know how to fully relax your body. Position yourself in a comfortable position so that you will be able to relax, focus and concentrate easily. You can sit down with you feet cross or you can just squat on the floor. Put your arms on the table so that it will be supported. You can also make the lighting of the room more peaceful by lighting some colourful candles and burning scented candles. Close your eyes. Concentrate and focus. You need to gather all your mental energy so that you will be able to have a good output. Your mind will be able to influence the pendulum so you must find your center. Try to manipulate the swinging of the pendulum by using your mind.

Ask some questions that are answerable by yes or no.

Am I a female? Is my birthday November 2, 1988? Simple questions like this are very good to test if you have the ability because you already know the answers. After stating the questions, focus on the movement of the pendulum. Allow your mind to do the swinging. Of course, you should not touch the pendulum physically. Your mind should do all the work. That is how to be psychic is. You have to remember that the probability of being successful with the pendulum reading at the first try is very small. Thus, you have to practice and practice.

If you feel like you are already good at pendulum reading, then you can do it with other people. You can try it with your friends, sisters or brothers, or cousins. Allow them to ask questions with a yes or no answer and focus your mind on the swinging of the pendulum. If the pendulum gives a correct answer, it will swing on the right side. It will swing on the left if the answer is wrong. If you were successful in this, then you have accomplished another stage on how to become psychic.



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