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Spotting an Authentic Psychic Medium

A psychic is a person is person who possesses and uses extrasensory perception that allows them to gather and collect information that could not be seen nor sensed by the five normal senses. They also have supernatural abilities such as clairvoyance and telepathy.


How would you know if a psychic is authentic or legitimate?


We all know that there are quite a lot of psychics who are doing good and remaining true to their nature of work but the fact that there are still frauds and charlatans out there, waiting to victimize other people for the sake of earning money, cannot be hidden. There are indeed people who do not feel remorseful and regretful when they deceive and fool other people by giving them a fake reading.


A genuine psychic will instantly and directly tell you something relevant and important about your life when you start the session. This important thing could be something that you already know about, but it could determine if a psychic is real and true as he or she was able to “see” that information in you. If a psychic starts to ask you personal questions, start observing if he or she will keep on doing so. Remember, a genuine psychic should not have to ask you any questions as they should collect information from elsewhere. This might be a sign that they are not as true and authentic as they claim themselves to be.


A genuine psychic should also not include personal opinions and judgment as they should not act as a friend giving out an advice or like a mother who is concerned for his or her children. The psychic should be neutral and give insights based on the reading and what he or she had seen on you. A genuine psychic should say whatever they had to say, whether it’s a bad or good thing. The information and knowledge that they have gain and seen in you is not theirs to keep. Why did you even have a reading if you wouldn’t get all the information that you need, right? They should be honest and just say what they have gathered. It is just a matter of how they interpret and deliver it but they should not keep anything from you.


A genuine psychic should be specific with his or her readings. Her predictions might not always be accurate as the future will change depending on what you do today but he or she must be specific with the insight that he or she will give you. The reading must have something that you will benefit from and not just a common and generic advice that the psychic could be telling to everyone she reads. Lastly, a genuine reader will have to do most of the talking during the reading. Again, he or she should not be asking you questions to avoid fishing for information. A few basic questions should do but after that, all you have to do is to listen to what she says based on the accumulated knowledge.


Sounds about right, yes?


Just keep in mind that psychics are not gods and they do not control whatever information or knowledge they would receive. They should answer the questions that had been bothering you but if they receive no information about it then just drop it because they cannot do anything about it as well. It might mean that whatever it is you are asking is not to be expected in your future.

Also, you have the power to stop and end the reading if you feel like something isn’t right or if you feel that the psychic doesn’t really know what he or she is doing or saying. Just end the session as there is no point in continuing reading if you aren’t benefiting from it.


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