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Spirituality In the World of A Psychic

Psychics and spirituality are allied subjects. In fact, they are both integral to each other. This is because the very subject of psychics deals with the spirit, mind or soul.

Spirituality, as the word denotes, deals with the soul or spirit and by extension, divine spirit or energy normally referred to as God. Spirituality is a godly or divine state of mind. Though it is difficult to compartmentalize the heart, mind, soul and spirit, somehow, the heart is generally considered to be the origin of all worldly desires as distinct from soul or spirit that is associated with divinity and godliness.

While the desires of the heart may have something to do with the heart as the physical organ, spirit or soul is a subtle, non-physical and divine entity. The nature of the desires of the heart may even affect its health. Similarly physical desires also affect the quality of the soul or spirit.

For example, when a person commits a wrongful activity, let us assume stealing, his heart would start beating faster. This is easy to understand because you can feel the increased palpitation. However, the act of stealing creates bad karma and leaves its imprints on the spiritual state of the person. And because spirit or soul cannot be perceived by the five senses, we find it difficult to register the impact.

Spirituality means that you see yourself not as a body but as a soul and a soul that is detached from the body. The soul is immortal and the body is perishable. The true nature of soul is peace, purity, compassion and blissfulness. The desires of your heart can be associated with greed, lust, anger, possessiveness and ego etc. These vices lead to sorrow and unhappiness.

The true goal of spirituality is to influence and eliminate the vicious desires of the heart and give them a positive and noble direction. This helps to remove sorrow from the life and usher in true happiness and peace.

It may be stated that spirituality is the foundation on which the entire structure of life is built. If the foundation is made up of good quality material, the building will stay strong and comfortable to live in.


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