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Signs that you might be a medium

A psychic is a person who is very intuitive and insightful to everything that is near them. They are gifted with a gift, which allows and permits them to establish, determine and orchestrate energetic radiations from people, place, and various objects that surrounds them. Psychics can receive information about a person’s past, present and future with the use of their minds.

Mediums are known to have the gift that allows them to see, talk, and communicate with the dead. They perform as the bridge or the link of one person to a dead person in the other dimension to be able to convey and gain information, send messages to discover secrets or facts about the dead soul.

Mediums have the exceptional and remarkable gift of heightened and superior sense of sight and they can distinguish souls distinctly. Given this gift, they can assist and aid the souls of the dead people to find peace when it is being difficult and unsettled; and when the soul cannot pass and go to the afterlife. The aptitude and ability of the mediums are given to them since their births; consequently they have no choice and volition but to see the dead spirits every day.

So what is the difference between a psychic and a medium?

Basically, a psychic is not always a medium, but a medium is indeed a psychic. We all know that psychics use the energy of the people, things and even places around them to feel and sense the vibrations in the air allowing them to receive information and knowledge about the past, present and future. To make it easier to understand, psychics depend on their fundamental sense of second sight or intuition and their special ability to pile up and collect information.

However, a medium takes it a step higher as they use their abilities to foretell the past, the present and the future incidents and circumstances by focusing on the spirit energy that surrounds a certain person, place or thing. To make this one easier to understand, mediums depend on the existence and aura of spiritual energies and entities, not within themselves, to gather significant information.

Signs that you might be a medium

  1. When you go inside a room, you feel the heaviness, emotions and pressure of the whole room being put into your shoulders.

  2. You have seen spirits, souls, or other paranormal entities when you were still little.

  3. You carry an unusual and abnormal fear of the dark from since you were a child up until you have grown up.

  4. You have and remember all your dreams including the realistic and detailed bad dreams and your clear and lucid dreams.

  5. You regularly wake up in the middle of the night with no apparent reason or you just don’t get enough good sleep.

  6. You easily get the creeps when you go to a cemetery, an abandoned building or any place where people died or something had tragic had happened.

  7. You see thing with your peripheral vision like shadows, figures or smoke.

  8. You have experienced unusual and weird things when someone dear to you has died.

  9. You particularly don’t want to be alone at night

  10. You hear voices in your head and you find a way to try to convince yourself that it’s all in your mind or that is just your imagination.

  11. You feel like someone has been watching you.

  12. You tried talking to animals and you feel like they understand you and they respond when you do.

  13. You have supernatural and paranormal occurrences that you can’t describe and justify.

  14. You hear noises at home even when you are alone.

  15. You have anxiety and it’s getting worse.

  16. You tend to give out fitting, quality and lengthy advices to the people around you and when you are done talking, you have no idea where that knowledge or insight came from.


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