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Signs that You Have Medium Psychic Gifts

All mediums are psychics, but not all psychics are mediums. Only few are gifted with the ability to communicate with the spirit of the dead. And, you can be one of them. Have you observed the signs of you having the medium psychic gifts? Or better yet, are you aware of the signs to show that you have some medium capabilities? If you do not know the signs, then you may not be able to determine if you have the ability or not. Basically, there are three signs that show if you have a medium gift.

One proof is that you can clearly see, and hear the spirits of a dead person. This is the most solid proof that you have psychic gifts on communicating with the dead. A medium has the ability to see, and hear the spirits, and if you can do this, then, undeniably, you are a medium. It takes a lot of strength to be a medium. Ordinary people will be scared if they will see a spirit, because they consider them as ghosts, however, as a medium, you should not be scared. The spirit wants to relay a message to you that is why he or she is showing in front of you. Sometimes, the spirit will come to your dreams as well to relay some message. Thus, if you have a strange dream about somebody who is dead already, you should not ignore that dream. Try to remember the details of your dream and analyze the message that he or she wants you to understand.

Another proof that you have psychic gifts to communicate with the spirits is that you have a very strong intuition. Generally, all individuals have intuitions but they do not have the same strength of intuition. Some have strong ones, while the others have weak guts or intuitions. As for mediums, they have a very strong intuition that they can strongly feel if something is going to happen. For example, you have this strong feeling that you will pass the college entrance examination and you did. You have a strong feeling that your friend will call you later today, and she called to ask you out. Having premonitions all so suddenly is a strong indication that you are a medium. If you came from a family of psychics and mediums, it is possible that you have inherited this ability. Or, it is possible as well that it is a natural God-given ability to you.

Another indication that you have medium psychic gifts is that you can feel some strange presence in the room. You can feel the spirits in a certain place or room. A medium does not only see and hear spirits, but they can feel them as well. If you have this strange feeling that someone is with you in the room, ask him or her to show his or her form. The spirit may show his or her form to you when you ask to. Do not be frightened. Instead, calmly ask her or him what he or she needs and what you can do to help him or her.


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