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Signs that you are one of the clairvoyant people

What is a clairvoyant?


To simply put it, a clairvoyant is a person who perceives intuitive knowledge and information about certain people through the use of their ‘third eye’. A third eye is the mind’s eye which is located on the middle of the forehead, just between both eyebrows and this is what clairvoyants use to “see” the things that no normal and ordinary human being can see with the naked eye.


Clairvoyants are able to see images, symbols, colors, visions and dreams in their minds that relay significant messages and important knowledge about the certain people, places, things and events in their lives. They see things literally and metaphorically and a clairvoyant must be skilled and experienced to be able to decipher and interpret these messages and knowledge so they could accurately and precisely relay it to the people around them.


Some people would often invalidate a clairvoyant’s ability as just one’s imagination, daydream or wishful thinking. Yes, the ability of clairvoyants might seem to be a bit like imagining things. The difference is that in your imagination, the things you see aren’t real and probably has just been made up by your mind. But with the clairvoyance ability, the things that you see is real and most of it exist on the real world, the thing is just, not everyone can see it, only clairvoyants can.


What are the signs of clairvoyance?


These signs would naturally come out of a person, without having to develop and hone them first. Some clairvoyants are born to be clairvoyants as they have gotten their abilities and skills from someone in their family or from their ancestors who were probably seers or prophets before. While some clairvoyants strive to develop their abilities as they haven’t had these signs when they were young and starting.


1. You notice that your dreams are always more vivid and sometimes, it seems as if it is really happening in real life.


2. you always seem to catch yourself daydreaming anywhere you are, in your classes as school, at work, at home or even in a party. Your mind always wander away from reality and you keep on thinking about random things.


3. You feel the presence of spirits and souls in a room where you are in and when you do, you feel as if you can see them in your mind and you can describe what they look like, how they smell, what they are wearing and where they are in the room. This happens often to clairvoyants as there are a lot of wandering spirits and souls in this physical world of ours, they might just feel like staying or some cannot lay to rest as they have some unfinished business in this world. Whatever the case, clairvoyants are able to see and feel them.


4. You receive knowledge and information about the future when you are dreaming or when you are trying to meditate and control your energy. You just get random ideas and images in your head as to what might happen in a few days, a few weeks or a few months.

5. You see flashes of light coming out of nowhere.


6. You know that you see things in your peripheral vision, things that are not there when you check to take a look but you know that you have really seen something in the corner of your eyes.


7. You are very skilled into explaining metaphors to the point that you can be very descriptive and detailed when elucidating as if the metaphor had happened in real life.

8. You can create random visuals in your head about the future.


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