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Shaman Versus Psychic: Know the Differences

What is a psychic?


A psychic is a person who claims to have the ability to gather and collect information through their extrasensory perception which normal people don’t usually possess. They also claim to have these abilities, depending on their energy level and experience:


- telepathy

- clairvoyance

- clairaudience

- clairsentience

- clairgustance

- clairolfaction

- claircognizance

- retrocognition

- precognition

- ttaromancy

- palmistry

- cartomancy

- astral projection

- mediumship

- psychometry


Psychics are people who executes and conducts actions and behaviors that are seemingly unexplainable and incomprehensible by the laws of nature. As much as there are a lot of people who ought to believe in their abilities and powers, there is no scientific explanation as to how and why they can do what they do and see what they see.


The word “psychic” was created from the Greek word “psychikos” which basically means of the mind or mental. The word “psychikos” also means soul in Greek.


Today, psychics have been warmly accepted by most of the society as there have been a rise from the number of people who searches for the best psychic in town to book a schedule and have a reading. Also, there has been a new way for psychics to provide psychic readings, and that is via the Internet where the clients would only have to make sure that their have a phone and a credit card in hand to be able to get a reading.


However, despite the fact that psychics have been welcomed all over the world, there are still skeptics and nonbelievers who think that they are frauds, charlatans and deceitful people who has a few tricks up their sleeves, ready to victimize and deceive other people just so they can earn money.


What is a shaman?


Shamans are practitioners of Shamanism and they are healers. They are people who are allowed to enter the world of the kind and the malicious spirits. Shamans also have the influence on that realm and it is believed that they are allowed to speak with and interact with the spirits there.


The word “shaman” came from Siberia which basically means the one who sees in the dark. While the word “shamanism” was first used by anthropologists from the west.


What is Shamanism?


Shamanism is the application or practice of moving on to an altered state of consciousness to allow one’s self to gather and receive relevant and necessary information, messages and knowledge from the spirit realm. It is also a shamans duty to channel or transfer the spiritual or nonphysical energies.


Just like psychics, shamans are also receivers of vivid dreams that carry out important and relevant messages, the only difference is that the dreams that the shamans receive are from the spiritual world sent by the spirits. And just like mediums, they are also able to speak to the spirits of the people who had already passed away.


The main trait that shamans have which the psychics do not is that hey are healers and they can heal anyone, whatever their sickness is. They believe that physical problems, mental problems, spiritual problems and emotional problems are cause by a spiritual imbalance within the person. They will try to heal the person by looking for the lost soul or lost part in the spiritual realm and try to “talk” to it to convince that it should get back to the physical body so the person can be well again.


They have a lot of ways to heal people, here is a list:


- soul retrieval

- soul remembering

- psychopomp

- hands-on healing

- retrieval of spiritual ally

- removing of negative energies

In conclusion, psychics and shamans are basically the same kinds of people who has extrasensory perception and the ability to perceive information and knowledge intuitively. They also have access to the spiritual world. The only difference is that, shamans are healers and psychics are not.


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