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Sexual Intimacy and Astrology 

Dating has always been a hit or miss in general. First dates are important simply because they determine how possible relationships are more likely to progress between two people. It is where they determine whether they have chemistry or not. And by the end of a first date, both parties decide separately if they want to date the other person again. While exploring and meeting new people can be fun, dating can be frustrating for people who want serious relationships. Being so, it would not hurt to be cautious in choosing whom to date. One can always rely on astrology to assess a potential date. All that is needed is the zodiac sign of the person.

Sexual Intimacy and Astrology HoroscopesAries lovers are seen as people who can keep the relationship alive since they are enthusiastic and full of sexual energy.

They are bold and in control. Taurus lovers, on the other hand, are sensual. They love sex although they cannot be rushed into it. They are seductive.

Intellectual communion is what arouses a Gemini. A Gemini, who can also be amusing and witty as a lover, wants independence when it comes to relationships. Although not aggressive, a Gemini lover is experimental when it comes to sex. Cancers are emotional. They can be easily moved by a touch.

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A Leo, on the other hand, is passionate. They also exude sexual confidence.

They like to be in control in bed so that they can experience the different kinds of sexual pleasure. Virgos are cool and calm on the outside and passionate on the inside. They can make anyone feel desirable and cared for.

Libras are sensual lovers. They are also generous, always wanting to satisfy their partners. One who loves romance, fantasies, and being sentimental will surely be smitten by this sign. A Scorpio’s appetite for sex is insatiable. They are considered as the most sexual among all the other signs. They can even use sex to get what they want.

Sagittarius lovers are passionate and adventurous.

They love to explore the different sides to sexual pleasure, always wanting to have fun. Needless to say, they are never boring in bed. Capricorns, on the other hand, are quite conservative when it comes to making the first move. They need time to develop sexual intimacy because they only like things to go there when they are surely in love.

An Aquarius is wild and very unpredictable.

They use their imagination as they experiment in lovemaking. Aquarius lovers are also passionate. A Pisces enjoys sex. In fact, a Pisces lover fulfills sensual fantasies in bed. They use lovemaking as an outlet or means to express personality.

These are just some of the basics when it comes to the different signs of the zodiac. While they can be used as guides, it is still best to test the waters and proceed with the date. After all, real chemistry will be tested when there is real interaction between two people. 



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