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Self-Belief: The Key On How to Become Your Own Psychic

How to be your own psychic may become a frustration to you.  If you think that becoming a psychic is cool, you can be right... or wrong.  But if you are so eager to be one, do you know what a psychic is?   A psychic is someone who has developed to use his mind at a level which enables him to perceive information beyond what the normal senses can perceive.  Is this a natural?   Some people believe that children are natural psychics but somehow lose or shelve the talent.  This is because what society dictates.  Whatever our eyes cannot see, our ears cannot hear, our nose cannot smell, our tongues cannot taste and our hands cannot touch should not be given attention because it is only a creation of our imagination.

There are a lot of ways to manifest how to be your own psychic. You can engage in aurareading, astralprojection, bilocation, clairvoyance, divination, dowsing, faithhealing, mediumship, precognition, psychicsurgery, telekinesis, psychometry, remoteviewing, telepathy and transvection.  There could be more.  But where do you start? You should know your talent or skill.  Be sure that the restriction that has been set to bind you has been broken down. Do not deny yourself of everything and anything unusual.

Now that you are aware of what you can start with, you are required to believe that you can gain access to the spiritual state.  And that you will have the ability to connect to and to perform a psychic activity, this is the start on how to be your own psychic.

There are ways to develop your psychic ability.  It will serve as exercises   for you so you will be able to go beyond your “restrictions” that bind you.  First is that you should learn to meditate at will. Do this on a daily basis.  Without prejudice to any religious belief, meditation is a process of attaining a state of consciousness experiencing peace, clearness and complete happiness. What is important here is to be able to meditate at will.  After meditating, make a record of whatever you heard or felt during your meditation as this will help on how to be your own psychic.  Throughout the day, take note of the things that comes along your way.  Pay attention specifically to the things which you don’t understand.  And as the days pass by, if you have the opportunity to get to know other psychic, talk to them.  Ask about their practices and experiences.  You might be able to get an insight on things that you do not understand.

How to be your own psychic involves work.  The world you live in did not want you to nurture this natural talent because of fast world you are moving in.  But you have your mind.  It tells you what you want to.  It is within your power whether to let your mind stay and be held captive by your will to conform to reality.


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