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Revealing Past Lives: How Tarot Readers Do It

Tarot cards are not simply used for predicting the future, or providing you options with regard to work, romance, business, school and more.  The tarot deck can also help you unearth, and fully understand the past. Here are a few important insights on how a tarot reader can reveal a person's past life.

A Tarot Card Can Reveal Bits and Pieces of One's Previous Life

Tarot decks are great tools for predicting the future, analyzing present situations, and studying the past.  Each tarot reading can add bits and pieces about your past life, and it may also contain details about significant childhood issues.  According to veteran tarot readers, each soul that's born on Earth comes complete with everything it needs for his or her lifetime. This denotes that each one of us has the ability to seek answers about life, and discover other higher truths. A tarot reading can also help show us our traits, talents, attitudes, personality and destiny, not only for our future life, but also the past and present. Tarot experts also note that our future lives greatly depend on our own self-realization, as each of us unfold according to our own inner blueprint.   


How To Analyze A Tarot's Cards Meanings

Tarot cards are often used today as self-realization tools, where each card's symbols and imagines can unlock our own unique awareness. If wisely used,a  tarot deck can also help us connect with our past lives, and may help to enrich our present and future lives as well. Here's an analysis of a few selected cards, and how they offer important glimpses of your past.  


Temperance:  You were a wise and reserved person in your past life.  Your lifetime reward will be good karma, which yo built up by being a helpful resource to humanity in the past. However, you may have had tendencies of excessive behavior, such as overeating, drinking, love addiction and others.  If you can learn to love without excess, your excesses will build upon the goodwill you established in your previous life.   


The Moon:  The card indicates that person has had an intense love for another individual during their  previous life. However, no matter how in love you are, you will depart from this existence alone.  In your next life, you could discover this person again.  But, tracking down a lover from a past life is more difficult than waiting for the cosmos to match you up with the perfect one for who you are today.


The Star:  The card represent a past life filled with spiritual knowledge.  It also shows that your past life was a struggle, but you found great redemption through wisdom. The future will bring you rewards in the form of exciting inspirations.  And while the future may not reward you with material wealth,  your role as an artist or creative individual will lead you to the path towards your true self.

Ace of Cups:  In your previous life, you sacrificed a lot for your loved ones,and because of this you now have an extended family looking out for you.  

Two Of Wands: You were once a wealthy and successful individual in your past.  This lifetime is brought about by that success, especially in allowing you to make the most of opportunities.  However, you may seek more excitement than is good for you.


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